Bean to Cup Coffee Machine deal: Jura Z6 15231 is a huge £650 off

Barista-quality brews are within everyone’s reach (even if you’re still in bed, thanks to Bluetooth connectivity!)

Jura Z6 15231 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine deal

The Jura Z6 15231 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine is a feature-packed slice of Swiss engineering that has been designed to produce a broad selection of your favourite coffee drinks. It’s usually outrageously pricey but AO has it with a sizeable discount that makes it more ’premium affordable‘.

Jura Z6 15231 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Aluminium/Black | Now £1,495, was £2,145 | Save £650

This stylish and luxe machine can quite happily brew ristretto and espresso while also dealing out cappuccino, espresso macchiato and the humble flat white with a quiet air of sophistication. There are no fewer than 13 different drink options on offer.

Jura Z6 15231 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Aluminium/Black | Save £650
Versatility is the key with the Jura Z6 15231 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine, which with 13 pre-programmed coffee options at your fingertips makes it super convenient. Even better; there’s £650 off the price currently.View Deal

The good news for anyone who finds it hard to prise themselves from under the duvet is that you can use your smartphone and a Bluetooth connection to get the machine started in the early hours. Delicious coffee smells should therefore come wafting towards your bed in no time, as the Jura Z6’s Intelligent Pre-Brew Aroma System kicks into gear.

If you can get yourself up and at ‘em though, the Jura also benefits from a very cool TFT display that delivers concise details on what’s going on if you’re still a bit bleary-eyed. There’s a height-adjustable spout for good measure, which means it’s handy if you prefer a mug to a cup.

At the heart of the coffee-making magic is the Pulse Extraction Process or PEP as Jura calls it, while a variable brewing chamber and in-built grinder means that you’re going to get always-fresh cups on the go. Crucially, it can make two different cups of coffee in one go. If you have specific strengths that go with certain times of the day then the coffee setting can be adjusted each time you brew.

Jura Z6 bean to cup coffee machine | £1,495 | Was £2,145 | Save £650
The Jura Z6 15231 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine also benefits from being smartphone-friendly. Use a Bluetooth connection to get the appliance brewing before you’ve even got out of bed. Lie back and revel in the aroma while you think how much you’ve just saved.View Deal

Milk, and milk foam, can also be adjusted in increments so you get your froth just how you like it. The Jura Z6 boasts a Thermoblock heating system too, which means that it’s very responsive and heats up water every time, meaning fresher coffee. Meanwhile, the high-performance pump delivers 15 bar, which is perfect for delivering that smooth and creamy crema.

The appliance can handle different pre-ground coffee powder just in case you’re cutting down on your caffeine intake with an occasional decaf from time to time. The Jura Z6 also keeps an eye on the drip tray, just so you don’t get any unforeseen spillages, while a cleaning function means the Jura Z6 isn’t a pain to keep clean.

Jura Z6 15231 Bean to Cup Coffee Machine in Aluminium/Black | Save £650