Brilliant Apple Watch Series 8 deal drops to nearly half price in amazing Woot sale

Score big savings on the Apple Watch Series 8 at Woot – get yours now!

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Working for T3 will expose you to a lot of online deals. Being the in-house wearable and all, I'm especially prone to finding the best Apple Watch deals online, even if they are at a more obscure seller, which is the case here. The now Amazon-owned Woot is selling Apple's top-tier smartwatches for dirt cheap right now – not for long, though!

Woot was founded in 2004 and bought by Amazon in 2010. The site is deliberately quirky and uses lighthearted language to entice shoppers to buy their often very limited stock of goods.

The company says that in this particular case, the Apple Watch Series 8 units are excess inventory from a wireless carrier and were intended to be display/demo units. They are brand new, come in a brown box and include the OEM charger and watch bands. Sounds good to me!

Apple Watch Series 8, 45mm, GPS + Cellular: was $529, now $289.99 at Woot

Apple Watch Series 8, 45mm, GPS + Cellular: was $529, now $289.99 at Woot
The Apple Watch Series 8 refines its predecessors' success with advanced health and fitness features, including temperature tracking and crash detection, alongside improved battery life and sleek design. Save 45% – until stocks last!

The Apple Watch Series 8 continues to excel in the wearable tech arena, building upon its predecessors' solid foundation with subtle yet impactful improvements. Focusing on health and fitness features, including advanced running metrics and enhanced workout views, it offers users a comprehensive and intuitive experience.

Notable additions like temperature tracking, crash detection, and extended battery life through Low Power Mode further enhance its appeal. The sleek design remains unchanged, maintaining the signature Apple Watch aesthetic, while the updated WatchOS 9 introduces practical enhancements like personalized heart rate zones and improved sleep tracking.

While not revolutionary, the Series 8 delivers where it matters most, making it a compelling choice for both existing Apple Watch users and newcomers seeking a top-tier smartwatch experience.

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