Best Apple Watch deals for December 2023

A curated list of the best Apple Watch deals, including all models available to buy today

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We've got the best Apple Watch deals right here for Christmas and beyond. From affordable Apple Watch SE 2 all the way to the latest and greatest Apple Watch Ultra 2, if there is a cheap Apple Watch offer somewhere on the internet, we'll have it listed here.

While Apple doesn't often (i.e. never) offer discounts on its wearables on its website, third-party retailers occasionally have decent offers on the best smartwatches from the Cupertino-based tech giant.

The best Apple Watches continuously evolve, although most new iterations of the world's most popular wearable often only offer minor upgrades over their predecessor. That said, these small changes add up over time, so even if you don't swap your Apple Watch for a new version every year, it's worth keeping your eyes peeled for cheap Apple Watch offers.

Best Apple Watch deals right now

Best Apple Watch Ultra deals

Apple Watch Ultra 2

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Apple Watch Ultra 2

If you liked the first iteration, you’ll love Apple’s latest rugged wearable offering, the Apple Watch Ultra 2. It’s prettier, smarter and faster than before without any price increase. A no-brainer upgrade for those who had an older Apple Watch and were thinking about updating to the Apple Watch Ultra last year but didn’t.

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Apple Watch Ultra deals

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Apple Watch Ultra

The Apple Watch Ultra features a 49mm case, 2000 nits display, a 36-hour battery life (up to 72 hours in Low Power mode) and 100m waterproof capabilities. The name feels fitting, considering it's designed for everything you'd find in an ultra marathon and more.

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Best Apple Watch Series 9 deals

Apple Watch Series 9

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The Apple Watch Series 9 comes with the latest S9 SiP, a 2000-nit display, offline Siri, and the new Double Tap gesture control feature. The wearable looks similar to its predecessor(s), but don't let looks deceive you; the Series 9 is a proper update from the Series 8 and especially from older Apple Watches.

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Best Apple Watch Series 8 deals

Best Apple Watch Series 8 deals

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Announced at the Apple Event on 7 September 2022, the last generation Apple Watch, Series 8, is a progression from the current model and comes with a temperature sensor, crash detection and 36-hour low power mode.

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Best Apple Watch Series 7 deals

Apple Watch Series 7

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The Apple Watch Series 7 was one of the most revolutionary iterations of mainline Apple Watches and is available in two sizes, multiple case material and colour options, and more.

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Best Apple Watch Series 6 deals

Apple Watch Series 6 deals

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The Apple Watch Series 6 feels like more of a premium price than its predecessors, but the overall quality of its design, screen quality, and smooth operation all leave it feeling worth the cost. The sum of the improvements over recent years makes it a significant upgrade for people with earlier Apple Watches.

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Best Apple Watch SE deals

Apple Watch SE 2022

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Apple Watch SE 2

The changes and updates offered by the Apple Watch SE 2 might not feel significant compared to its predecessor, but there are some upgrades, both hardware and software, which make the second iteration of Apple's affordable wearable more appealing. It might not be as capable as mainline Apple Watches – which shouldn't come as a surprise – but if you're an iPhone user looking for a sleek fitness tracker-cum-smartwatch, this wearable is your best bet.

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Apple Watch SE

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Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is a truly excellent smartwatch, and where Apple has cut back for the more budget price, you won't notice it significantly in general use. It feels like a full Apple Watch experience, with all the advantages that bring in convenience, fitness tracking, and health and safety features for iPhone users.

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Which Apple Watch should you get?

If you're looking for the best Apple Watch, you'll want the Apple Watch Series 9 or Apple Watch Ultra 2. They're the latest and greatest for a number of reasons, from the brighter displays to the new S9 SiP processor and more. Thanks to the new chip, some of the features available on these watches won't be available in older Apple Watch models, so if you prefer to stay on the cutting edge of Apple technology, you'll want one of these smartwatches.

If you're looking for a slightly cheaper model, you could go with the Apple Watch Series 7 or maybe the original Apple Watch SE 2. Both can be upgraded to WatchOS 10, so you get to enjoy the most up-to-date features and enhancements. They are significantly cheaper to buy via third-party retailers these days, too.

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