Best Argos Black Friday deals 2023: date, discounts and what to expect

Everything that happened during the Argos Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale 2023 and what to expect next year

Argos Black Friday deals 2023
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The Argos Black Friday and Cyber Monday sale is over for another year (sad face). Argos set its best Black Friday deals a few weeks early in November 2023, giving shoppers an entire month to shop low prices on TVs, LEGO, air fryers and much more.

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Argos has consistently been a key retailer during the Black Friday sales, and the Christmas holiday shopping season. This is due to the retailer's wide range of exclusive deals, from technology and gaming, to clothing and accessories.

Whether you’re planning to head in store or browse online, the Argos Black Friday sale always has something for everyone – and at great prices. At Argos, the best deals you can find include low prices on LEGO, toys, appliances, furniture, smart home devices and much more.

Here's everything you need to know about the Argos Black Friday sale, including the best last minute deals to shop today, most popular product categories and shopping tips.

When will the Argos Black Friday sale start?

Expected start date: Wednesday 1st November

Argos is famed for its Black Friday sale, especially their discounted prices on toys, games, entertainment, kitchen appliances, TVs and gadgets.

The Argos Black Friday sale in 2022 started early on Friday 18th November. During 2020, 2021 and 2022 the Argos Black Friday sale sold over 20 products every second in the first hour of their Black Friday event, so this is why they start their event early.

In keeping with this theme, we expected the Argos Black Friday sale 2023 to start a week early but instead, Argos set it deals live on the 1st November, giving shoppers a full month to shop Black Friday deals.

Best Argos Black Friday Product Categories

Argos Black Friday TV deals

Argos Black Friday TV deals
If you’re looking to upgrade your TV this Black Friday, Argos has all the TV and technology gadgets you could possibly need. Argos stock the best TV brands, like LG, Sony, Panasonic and Toshiba, plus a wide range of TV equipment and accessories.
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Argos Black Friday Laptop deals

Argos Black Friday Laptop deals
Argos has a large selection of laptop and PCs, including Macbooks, Chromebooks, 2-in-1 laptops, gaming PCs and desktops. Argos easily helps you pick the device you need, by taking you through the buying process step by step.
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Argos Black Friday Headphones deals

Argos Black Friday Headphones deals
Looking for a new pair of headphones? Whether it's in-ear or over-ear, gaming or kids, Argos have a great selection of headphones, charging cases and additional accessories.
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Argos Black Friday Gaming deals

Argos Black Friday Gaming deals
Argos is one of the best destinations for gaming, with an extensive array of video games, consoles, headphones and virtual reality devices. PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch are also expected to be big sellers this Black Friday, so keep an eye out at Argos.
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Argos Black Friday Toys deals

Argos Black Friday Toys deals
Argos are renowned for their toys and regularly run promotions and deals on their toy section. From learning and discovery to fancy dress, Argos has toys for kids of all ages, so this Black Friday is a great time to bag the best toys, ready for Christmas. LEGO is the bestseller at Argos so shop here for LEGO deals.
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Argos Black Friday Appliance deals

Argos Black Friday Appliance deals
Big or small, Argos have top deals on household appliances to help you create your dream home. The Argos Black Friday appliance sale offers gadgets for the whole house, including blenders, kettle, microwaves, washing machines and vacuum cleaners.
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Argos Black Friday Furniture deals

Argos Black Friday Furniture deals
Argos is one of the best retailers to shop for furniture, especially during Black Friday. In the lead-up to Black Friday, Argos are expected to drop prices on homeware and furniture, including 'save up to 1/3 on select furniture products'.
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Argos Black Friday Mattress deals

Argos Black Friday Mattress deals
If you’re looking for a mattress or a new bed frame, Argos has a great selection of bedroom furniture and accessories to choose from. Whatever your aesthetic, Argos have a range of styles, sizes and colours that will fit perfectly in your home.
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Argos Black Friday Sport & Fitness deals

Argos Black Friday Sport & Fitness deals
Argos is a great destination if you’re looking for big pieces of tech and furniture for your home, including sports and fitness equipment. Treadmills, exercise bikes, workout benches, weights and more are all available at Argos at great prices.
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Best Reasons to Shop at Argos on Black Friday

  • Great deals and discounts on big name brands
  • Regular clearance sales and deals on small and big products, including toys, fashion and furniture 
  • Argos Aftercare and insurance: replacements, repairs and accidental damage 
  • Fast home delivery or click & collect in store 
  • Argos card lets you enjoy your products now and pay later 
  • Easy in store and online returns 
  • Multiple payment options 
  • Sainsbury’s collection point: order online and pick up from Sainsbury’s at over 100 locations 
  • Collect Nectar points when you buy at Argos and spend them there too

Tips for shopping the Argos Black Friday sale

To get the best deals possible this Black Friday, you need to be prepared, especially if you’re shopping across multiple sites. Below are our tips on how to shop in the Argos Black Friday sales. For tips on other retailers like Amazon, Currys, John Lewis, Very, and ASOS, just click these links!

1. Create a wishlist

Start off by creating a wishlist of products that you want to buy in the Black Friday sales. This helps you narrow down what you’re looking for, where you should be looking for it and if you’re buying Christmas presents, you can tick off what you've bought and who you’ve bought it for – it’s always best to be organised!

For example, if you’re looking for LEGO gift sets, make sure you know what retailer has the best prices and what age range, character and genre you want before you start shopping the sales. Argos is an extremely popular seller of LEGO so we recommend you shop for any LEGO sets at Argos for the cheapest prices.

2. Do your research

Next is to do your research on the products you want to buy and the store you want to buy them from. For the product, check its original price and protection policy. This helps you get a better idea on how good the deals are and if it comes with any guarantees and protection. When researching the store, it’s good to check delivery details and return policies. Whenever you buy anything – especially if it's online – it’s good to know when it’s getting to you, how you can track your order, how to refund an item and how many days you have to return it.

3. Create an Argos account

If you’re shopping from Argos this Black Friday, create an account before you start shopping the sales. You need an Argos account to pay for your online order, so rather than faffing around on the day trying to set this up, get ahead of the game and set one up early. This not only helps you keep track of your orders and delivery process, but you can also add items to your wishlist and register for an Argos card for even more savings.

4. Sign up for Argos email updates

If you sign up to the Argos email list, they’ll send you information about their current deals and savings all year round. As we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, they’ll also send you a sneak peek of their deals and will most likely give you early access.

5. Check previous Black Friday deals

Checking last year’s (or even the year before) Black Friday deals gives you an idea of what to expect this year. This can help you understand what kind of discounts and cuts were made last year and what items were the most popular from your choice of store. It’s also helpful to find out how quickly things sold out last year and when the sales started to make sure you’re ready for the day.

Argos Clearance sale

For extra deals before, during and after Black Friday, Argos runs tons of offers throughout the year, including 2 for £20 deals, up to half price discounts and essentials from £8.

The Argos clearance sale is the best place to look for cheap prices on 'everything must go' type products. In the clearance, you can find price drops on technology, home and furniture, garden and DIY, toys, baby and nursery, sports and leisure, appliances, health and beauty, and fashion.

Argos Clearance Sale
Shop the Argos Clearance sale here.

Argos Clearance Sale
Find the cheapest prices on a range of popular products and brands in the Argos Clearance sale. In the clearance, you'll find Argos' lowest ever prices on select products, half price deals, and percentage cuts, too.
Shop the Argos Clearance sale here.

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