App Week: Sky Go Android news, Spotify doubles quality

Plus: Barclays PingIt money transfer app, Angry Birds lands on Facebook

A huge week for app news sees Sky announce an awesome F1 app and the imminent launch of Sky Go for Android. Spotify is making your phone sound better and Angry Birds hits Facebook

App News: Barclays PingIt simplifies money transfers
The days of eight people slapping a credit card down to split a bill at lunch may be coming to an end, with the help of the Barclays PingIt app for iOS, Android and BlackBerry smartphones. The app Barclays account holders to to send money to any person, providing you have their mobile number. The app will be open to other banks next month.

iPad App News: Sky confirms multi-screen F1 app for new season
In traditional style Sky Sports is certainly going all in on its Formula One coverage for the 2012 season. On Friday, the company announced a new iPad app. The Sky Race Control app for iPad will allow viewers to follow the action using a four-way multi-screen option, which will bring multiple cameras into play. So, for example, you could be watching the battle for fourth, an on-board camera with Lewis Hamilton, Schumacher trying to run someone off the road and Vettel about 25 minutes ahead of the field.

Android App News: Sky Go set for launch on Feb 22
Speaking of Sky, it finally looks like the broadcaster is ready to unleash its on-the-go app for Android smartphones. Sky Go for Android will land early next week, according to reports this week. Initially, it will only be available for select HTC and Samsung handsets, with no tablet access yet.

iPhone App News: Spotify doubles streaming quality
Tracks streamed from Spotify's Premium app for iPhone now play at higher quality quality than songs downloaded from iTunes following a new update which brings 320Kbps music to your smartphone. The Extreme bandwidth option is double the previous best on offer from the company.

Facebook App News: Angry Birds goes social
Having enjoyed unprecedented success on every mobile platform imaginable, those Angry Birds landed on Facebook this week, bringing their endless quest to reclaim eggs to the social network. New features include power-ups like the King Sling and the chance to compete with friends for gold crowns.


Android App Review: Grand Theft Auto III
One of the most storied titles in the history of gaming now has a port for Android phones. GTAIII for Android is a decent port according to our reviewer, maintaining most of the charm of the 2002 console classic. There's no lag and it still looks good enough when you run down innocent by-standers in your car.

iPad App Review: Dinosaur Zoo
Here's one you can get away with downloading for the kids, but will thoroughly enjoy yourself. Dinosaur Zoo is sort of a virtual Jurassic Park, which our reviewer says "will feature sumptuously rendered animation, the likes of which would have Spielberg drooling, not to mention brilliant sound effects that bring to life the habitats you will visit."

iPhone App Review: Desk Yoga
If there's one thing recent fitness gadgets like Jawbone Up and Nike+ have taught us is that it's pretty essential to keep moving throughout the day, especially if you're deskbound for most of it. Desk Yoga offers video instruction for poses you can perform at your screen. Your colleagues may mock you, but you'll be the one with the functioning back in ten years time.