Android TV's long-awaited remote control feature from iPhone and Android is finally coming

Android TV gets a big boost on iOS

Android TV
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Google recently rolled out the Android TV remote for its related app. Ever since Google decided to do this last month, there have been sporadic suggestions that it could extend to other apps and mobile platforms. 

And that's exactly what it appears to be doing, with news that Google will be officially bringing the Android TV remote functionality to the Google Home app for iOS and Android.

The info comes by way of the 9to5Google folks, which say that the company has confirmed its plans for bringing the functionality to the Google Home app on both Android and iOS devices. Importantly, while this is great news for both mobile platforms, the addition of an Android TV remote adds much for iOS users with the Google Home App. Finally, iOS users with one of the best iPhone models will get the ability to control Android TVs and Chromecasts – something that had been otherwise missing.

To clarify: the Android TV remote is a digital-only remote that can be used in concert with your Android-powered TV or Chromecast. Users can control the media content they're watching, adjust its volume settings, and activate Google Assistant amongst several other basic settings.

Google today published a community post, which confirms its plans to add the remote for Google TV and Android TV devices to the Home app. Design-wise, this would live alongside the option in the Google TV app.

Unfortunately, those who're keen on getting the newly-added remote functionality may have to wait a little while longer. There's scarcely any detail more than what's already been said above, with an overall launch date glaringly absent from Google's official post. Still, 9to5Google appears fairly confident on the function releasing sometime soon, noting the fact that it’s already been actively seen in the app’s code, which could be an indicator of its imminent arrival.

Aside from an Android TV remote, Google has got quite a lot on its plate over the next month. The long-awaited Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro are set to debut on October 19 and prospective buyers of the new devices are already asking how to watch the launch. Unlike the Android TV remote, there's heaps of information doing the rounds, including some recently leaked service manuals, which have given us a pretty clear picture of what to expect come next week. Stay tuned for more on this and the Android TV remote function as it develops. 

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