Amazon's doing great deals on Echo devices, Kindles, Eero routers and Echo buds

It's a good time to invest in Amazon earbuds, e-readers and smart home tech

Amazon Eero Pro 6E review: man playing videogame with mesh wi-fi router by his computer
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If you're hankering after a smart speaker, a Kindle e-reader, a mesh router or a set of wireless earbuds, Amazon is doing some pretty serious discounting in its new year sale. There's 36% off the 5th-generation Echo Dot, 21% off the Echo Show 8 and up to 36% off some Blink wi-fi security cameras, with discounts on lots of other Amazon and Amazon-owned hardware.

There are some particularly good deals for anyone thinking about getting a Wi-Fi 6 router. Amazon's Eero mesh networking system comes in a range of bundles, and with 15% to 20% off various bundles the cost of a single router is down to just £79 and a twin-pack is £151. A triple-pack of the high spec Eero 6+ router is down from £319 to £271.

What are the best deals in Amazon's new year sale?

There are some decent deals on Kindles just now, with the Kindle Kids down from £104.99 to £89.99 and the Kindle Oasis down from £259 to £229. The basic Kindle is down to just £74.99, although there aren't any deals on my pick of the range, the Kindle Paperwhite 2022. That's still too new for Amazon to cut its price, and the same goes for the hugely impressive but rather expensive Kindle Scribe.

If you've been considering an Echo smart speaker the 4th-gen model is down to £69.99 including a Hue bulb, and the 5th-gen Echo Dot with Clock is down from £64.99 to £49.99. There's also some good deals on Echo Buds (2nd generation), which are down to £84.99 from the usual £109.99.

I tend to mock Amazon for the frequency of its sales events – if you put the 4th Gen Echo into the CamelCamelCamel Amazon price history checker, the resulting graph looks like a seismograph of a terrifying earthquake – but these are decent deals on good quality devices and some of the bundles in particular are really good value.

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