Amazon Prime Day: save 50% on Tile and never lose your keys again – ends today

The ultimate Bluetooth trackers are now on sale

Amazon Prime Day: save 50% on Tile and never lose your keys again
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If you're constantly losing your keys, leaving behind your bag, or misplacing expensive belongings, then this Amazon Prime Day deal couldn't come soon enough. You can currently get 50% off Tile Bluetooth trackers – you would need a very powerful tracking device to find a better deal than that. Don't delay however as, like all Amazon Prime Day deals, this ends soon (11.59pm July 16). Next sales stop: Black Friday.

We've always been big fans of Tile Bluetooth location trackers here at T3, they're an affordable and reliable way of keeping track of your valuables. 

The most recent version made them even more useful, with removable batteries and a premium subscription service.

Not only do the newest models of the Tile Mate and Tile Pro feature replaceable batteries, they also have a longer range, and louder volume sirens, making your bag/keys/dog more difficult to lose than ever.

Tile Mate boasts a Bluetooth range of 150 feet and Tile Pro offers a remarkable Bluetooth range of 300 feet. 

The new replaceable battery is the key feature though (and something Tile customers have been asking for for a long time), and allows you to keep your Tiles indefinitely, simply replacing the batteries every year.

Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery | was £29.99 | now £14.99 | save 50%
The new Tile Pro is the most powerful Bluetooth tracker for finding all your things. It has a 300 ft. range that’s 2X the Tile Mate. This durable, water-resistant tracker is also twice as loud, making it easier to find everything.View Deal

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