Amazon Prime Day: Gtech AirRam Mk II and Pro Bagged cordless vacuum cleaners both £50 off

Light, cordless, bundles of power… and 25% off RRP for one day only

Gtech Pro Bagged and Gtech AirRam Mk II cordless Vacuum Cleaner
(Image credit: Gtech)

Gtech’s Pro Bagged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is another beefy Amazon Prime Day deal that sees 25% knocked off the asking price. If you’re looking for a ‘go anywhere’ appliance then the Gtech is ideal as it’s lightweight and totally cordless. That means quicker cleaning and without the faff, or the fluff, as it can get into the darkest recesses of your home.

• Gtech Pro Bagged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon. £149.99, was £199.99, save £50.00.

There are actually a few Gtech Amazon deals on today but these two are the pick of the bunch – and they're cheaper than a Dyson cordless vacuum too. It'll be a long wait until Black Friday before there's likely to be a better chance of cheap Gtech…

Gtech Pro Bagged £149.99 | Was £199.99 | Save £50 at Amazon
We’re really chuffed with the capable 22V Lithium-ion battery pack inside this model as it delivers up to 40 minutes of cleaning service between charges. Little wonder then that the Gtech Pro Bagged Cordless enjoys an Amazon’s Choice status. Add that chunky 25% discount and this gives more expensive cordless brands such as Dyson and Bosch a real run for their money. View Deal

Gtech has also incorporated its AirLOC technology into the Pro Bagged Cordless, allowing it to tackle larger bits of debris as well as the usual microscopic particles found on carpets, sofas and so on. There’s a dirt capacity of 1.5-litres for the special Gtech Pro’s breathable bags too, which means you’ll be stopping less for bag pitstops than you used to.

Gtech AirRam Mk II £149.99 | Was £199.99 | Save £50 at Amazon
The same discount applies to this veteran warhorse of the cordless vacuum world. Unlike the Pro Bagged (and Dyson et al) this is not a handheld but rather a wonderfully light, manoeuvrable and convenient cordless upright. So you can't dust surfaces with it, but it is great on floors. Under £150 is very fair price for it.View Deal

The Gtech Pro cordless is a smooth operator, it’s actually pretty quiet in use, but we’re also rather keen on the way it has a boost mode for those moments when you need added vim for tackling foreign objects on your favourite rug. Oh, and it’s got lights so you can vacuum in the dark. How cool is that?

• Gtech Pro Bagged Cordless Vacuum Cleaner at Amazon. £149.99, was £199.99– save £50.
• Gtech AirRam Mk II £149.99 at Amazon, was £199.99 save £50

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