Amazon Black Friday deal SLASHES Echo Dot with Clock smart speaker price

The Amazon Echo Dot smart speaker just got an incredible Amazon Black Friday price cut

Amazon Black Friday deal Echo Dot with Clock
(Image credit: Amazon)

Amazon's Black Friday deals have so far seen massive price drops on all its fantastic products, with deals such as a Fire 7 tablet for £29.99, a Fire TV Stick with Alexa Voice Remote for £19.99 and, most astonishingly of all, the latest Echo Dot for just £22 lighting up our deal-hunting faces here at T3.

And there seems to be no sign of the retailer stopping, either, with the awesome new Amazon Echo Dot with Clock now joining the ranks of the price slashed. The smart speaker currently has a going-on half price 42% discount applied to it right now in the Amazon Black Friday sale, making it much cheaper than even the standard Echo Dot normally retails for.

The full details of the deal can be viewed below:

Amazon Echo Dot with Clock| was £59.99 | now £34.99 | Available at Amazon
The latest Echo Dot comes with an in-built LED display which means you can have the time, temperature or a countdown timer visible, as well as enjoy all the base Dot smart speaker functionality. You can bag the deal in a variety of colourways, too, and delivery is free.View Deal

In T3's official Amazon Echo Dot with Clock review we bestowed upon it a maximum 5-star score, with us impressed by its "stylish design", "new LED display"  and "good audio reproduction". At this Black Friday price, it's an absolute steal in our mind.

One word of warning here, though, while Amazon tends to have large stock of its own products, rarely selling out of them, what it doesn't have is the ability to have infinite amounts in stock at any one time and then deliver them in a timely fashion. This means that delays on delivery will occur.

Right now this deal is stating that it will be "in stock on December 8, 2019", for example, so we suggest anyone who is interested in one for themselves or as a present, to ring one up now, as within a week or so a before Christmas delivery may be out of the question.

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