Bang & Olufsen joins forces with On Running to create AirPod crushing buds/shoes combo

Finally, you can brand coordinate your premium running headphones with your running shoes

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Have you heard the joke when Swiss and Danish walk into a pub? Well, this news is no joke for sure: Swiss sports brand On and Danish luxury audio brand Bang & Olufsen joined forces to create the "ultimate running kit", which consists of the new On Cloudboom running shoes and the recently announced Beoplay E8 Sport running headphones, the On Edition this time around.

The Cloudboom is On's first major launch since the On Cloudflow and comes at the time when running is becoming extremely popular due to lockdown measures and people being more keen to better their health in their recreational time. The Beoplay E8 Sport, on the other hand, is Bang & Olufsen's first purpose-built sports headphones, trying to combine high-end sound quality with sport features.

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On Cloudboom

Two years in the making, the Nike Vaporfly competitor Cloudboom is On's new mid-to long-distance road running shoes, with the goldilocks-zone being the half marathon distance. The Cloudboom features a more rigid carbon-fibre infused Speedboard (compared to the standard Speedboard) and a special sole-structure that reduces stack height without sacrificing comfort.

The single layer of engineered mesh ensures low weight and maximum breathability while a new grip-rubber compound in an advanced traction pattern is designed for optimised traction. The extreme rocker shape of the bottom unit helps the rolling motion for even more propulsive power.

As for stats, the On Cloudboom has a 9 mm heel-to-toe drop and a weight of 225 grams (Size 8.5UK). The 9 mm drop makes the shoes more inclusive and less demanding on the calves so less experienced runners can also enjoy longer runs without the inevitable soreness after.

For shorter distances, the Cloudflash racing flat is On's recommendation: these shoes have a 5 mm drop and provide a more-direct feel when running on hard surfaces, where you most likely will in them. 

On Cloudboom: release date and price

The On Cloudboom will be available at On Running and at Browns, Mr Porter, Pro Direct and The Running Works starting 16 July. The recommended retail price for the On Cloudboom is £170.00.

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Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition

Bang & Olufsen’s Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition earphones are housed in a compact wireless charging case that blends performance driven materials from the sports universe, such as rubber and textured silicone, with strong and corrosion resistant anodised aluminum.

The ridged gripped detail on the earphones helps adjustments when fingers are wet and sweaty. To avoid unnecessary stopping or distraction while running, the earphones can switch between tracks, take calls and activate Transparency Mode all with a simple tap or swipe of the finger. This special edition features both Bang & Olufsen’s and On’s minimalist logos, highlighted by colour contrasting rings so they won't be mistaken with the standard edition of the Beoplay E8 Sport.

Bang & Olufsen Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition: release date and price

Released in very limited quantities, Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition will be available at On Running, Bang & Olufsen and at Browns, Mr Porter, Pro Direct and The Running Works on 16  July. The recommended retail price of the Beoplay E8 Sport On Edition is £300.

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