Top free optimisers and diagnostics to download 2015

Keep your PC running smoothy with these handy extras

It is a fact well known that computers will eventually get slower and not work as well as they should. But it is less well known that there are ways of sprucing up a PC and making it perform as how it used to.

There are plenty of paid-for applications that promise to help but there are also a lot of free software tools that can be used to make your PC run as good as new again.


If you want to know just want is going on inside that PC of yours, this handy tools will tell you everything you need to know about the hardware under the bonnet. Information about the processor, cache, mainboard and central memory can be gleaned from this handy utility. Data from the app can be exported into a text file.

Download CPU-Z here.

MSI Afterburner

This utility aims to help users optimise and overclock their MSI graphics cards. It deals with card with either ATI or Nvidia chipsets and can also work with many third party graphics cards too. This application can fine tune of the voltage and the frequency of the graphics chip, as well as the speed of the fan and storing cycle of the graphics card.

Download MSI Afterburner here.

System Information for Windows

This is one of the most comprehensive free systems analysers you may ever find. The software gives the full skinny on hardware and software, system setup, audio and video codecs, motherboard, network cards, systems slots, to name a few. IT can measure the temperature of ever processor core and hard disk. It also reports on software license keys.

Download System Information for Windows here.

EVEREST Home Edition

Fancy benchmarking and tuning your PC? Then Everest Home Edition will not only tell you about your system but also how you can tune it up as well. The software scans all possible parameters, runs system benchmarks and provides comprehensive information.

Download Everest Home Edition here.


It is not everyday that a hairy doughnut can help you find out how fast your graphics card is but FurMark aims to do just that. The software renders the hirsute confection via Open GL and rotates it while two light sources illuminate it in a bid to really work your graphics card. Either in a window or full screen, the app benchmarks your card and displays the results in a window. The tool is helpful to overclockers looking to get that last bit of performance out of a system.

Download FurMark here