The 5 best Monopoly board game deals this Amazon Prime Day

Godfather, Super Mario or Fortnite, there's a Monopoly for everyone these days, and they're all discounted this Prime Day

Monopoly deals
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Oh, Monopoly, a pure unadulterated celebration of capitalism, a bit like Amazon Prime Day in a way. So while the deals are rolling in for the best tech, why not treat yourself to a fresh edition of everyone's favourite board game? 

It seems like there is a Monopoly set of every flavour these days, from the band Queen to Queen Elizabeth II.  As an Essex boy, I personally have my eye on the Essex edition of the game (somehow Southend Pier equates to Mayfair?) but these five sets probably appeal slightly more to a wider audience. With that in mind, pick your piece and choose who's going to be the designated cheate- I mean banker. Here's the best Prime Day Monopoly deals. 

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition: was £27

Monopoly: Fortnite Edition: was £27 now £12 at Amazon
If you've got little ones you want to join in the board game fun, this is a great way to combine their favourite game and family time. It features brand new rules with players battling against the storm, and each other, to survive. The winner has to do an infuriating dance in the losers' faces.

Monopoly: Longest Game Ever Edition: was £26

Monopoly: Longest Game Ever Edition: was £26 now £19 at Amazon
Let's be honest, you're only happy when playing Monopoly so why not make it last as long as possible? In this version of the game, there are 66 separate properties and it doesn't end until one player owns all of them! Perfect just before bed. 

Monopoly Super Mario Edition: was £34

Monopoly Super Mario Edition: was £34 now £19 at Amazon
A deal to make you go wahoo! This Mario-themed version brings together two of the world's most beloved games. This edition even comes with a Mario question block that can make you lose or gain coins or take another turn entirely.  

The Godfather Monopoly: was £83

The Godfather Monopoly: was £83 now £27 at Amazon
At 67% off, this is an offer you can't refuse. The iconic movie franchise might not be that family-friendly, but Monopoly is and this is a faithful adaptation of the game. Just don't break anyone's legs if they land on your property.  

Monopoly Builder: was £31

Monopoly Builder: was £31 now £12 at Amazon
If you think Monopoly is a baby game for babies, think again. This edition adds an extra layer of strategy and even tasks players with physically stacking buildings on top of each other. 

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