Smartphone tips: Get more out of your phone

Plus: Tips for iPhone, BlackBerry and more...

Handy hints to make your smartphone smarter, as T3 reveals how you can make the most out of your smartphone handset

Health, wealth and happiness are all within your grasp, courtesy of your smartphone and its extensive app catalogue. Whether you are an Apple iPhone owner for life, part of the Android army, a BlackBerry fan or even a Windows Phone 7 newbie, we've served up a selection of tips, hacks and cheats to help you lead an 'appier life.

Assign favourite apps to keys on your Blackberry Torch

1. Download sixTools (£2.18) from the ever-loving BlackBerry App World

2. Inside the app, click on the shortcuts tab

3. Select the box adjacent to volume up and it'll proffer a list of applications to link that button to

4. Select one, and do the same for both volume down and mute/play

5. Sixtools also lets you fine tune a cornucopia of settings on your BlackBerry. They can all be accessed under the Main tab

Get iPhone-like icons for your Android apps

1. Head to the Market and download both Launcher Pro Plus (£1.87) and Desktop Visualizer (free).

2. Download iPhone app icons, preferably as .PNG files, by searching Google images or image grabbing from iTunes.

3. Add a 1x1 widget to your home screen using Desktop Visualizer and choose your desired app.

4. Set the widget icon by selecting one from your gallery's download folder.

5. If you need to resize the icon do a long press, and then drag it in or out from the corner.

Install widgets and apps on the Android lock screen

1. Widgetlocker is the app you'll need here. it's £1.25 from the Android Market.

2. Open the app, and agree to let it run as your default lock screen.

3. You can now add widgets and application shortcuts by long pressing on the empty space.

4. The app also offers a range of different sliders and the option for alternative wallpaper. Go to settings while on the lock screen, and then to look & feel when you want to customise.

Locate and remotely wipe a lost iPhone/iPad

1. subscribe to Apple's MobileMe service at This is normally £60 per year, but for this procedure only, you don't need to pay.

2. In settings go to Mail, Contacts, Calendars and turn on Find my iPhone or Find My iPad.

3. Lost your iPhone/iPad? Either go back to and log on or click on the Accounts section of the MobileMe profile on your PC or Mac.

4. Your device's current location is shown on a map. You can now either send a message to the phone with a two minute-long alarm, erase all its data remotely.

Sync your Android phone with iTunes

1. Connect your phone to your PC and select Charge Only and Disk Drive in the drop-down bar.

2. on your PC, download and install DoubleTwist; it's free from

3. Create a free account once the app launches and verify your email address.

4. In the Music sidebar option, click on playlists and you should be automatically prompted to import your iTunes playlists.

5. Click on your phone under the Devices part of the sidebar, go to Music and check the sync Music with this Device box. Then hit sync...

Test your iPhone's download speed

1. Run, don't walk, to the App Store and download the free speed Test app

2. Open the app and click Begin Test. Both your download and upload speeds will be quantified and displayed, whether you're on 3G or Wi-Fi.

3. Want to see the iPhone 4 antenna "issue" with your own eyes? Do one test while holding your hand over the bottom left hand corner and one without.

4. Results are stored so you can see how your speed fares at different locations and times of day.

5. Caution: may lead to an OCD-like compulsion to test mobile broadband rates every ten minutes.

Upload your Windows Phone 7 pics to Skydrive

1. sign up to and get a handy 25GB of online storage free, courtesy of Skydrive.

2. Connect your live account to your WP7 handset by adding it in settings/Accounts.

3. in the settings section, swipe left and enter the options for pictures and Camera.

4. Turn on the Auto Upload to Skydrive feature.

5. Now, whenever you take and save a picture, it'll automatically save a backup in the cloud, viewable and downloadable by you and anyone else you choose to give access to...

Use your Nokia N8 as a Wi-Fi hotspot

1. Download Joikuspot light for free from the Ovi Store and restart your phone.

2. Open the app and agree to share your data connection when prompted.

3. Your laptop or wireless device should be able to connect to the Joikuspot Wi-fi network without fuss, grief, bother, etc.

4. Watch the status section of the app, which tallies how much data you've sucked.

5. This connection is open and therefore liable to security issues. Get Joikuspot premium (£8) to change the connection name and add a password.