Essential summer travel tech: get the most out of your day trips and holidays

These great gadgets and top pieces of tech will take your holidays from Costa del Sol to summer of '69

Welcome to our roundup of the best sunglasses, wearables, tablets, phones, cameras, headphones, ereaders and backpacks to help you have the ultimate summer holiday or day trip.

Having a great summer vacation isn’t just about having the best sunglasses, although of course that’s important. It’s about being prepared as best as possible for all eventualities and making your life as easy and pleasant as possible. After all, you're supposed to be relaxing, right?

We realise that - in Britain especially - summer fun is often reliant on the temperamental weather gods and, well, there's not much any of us can do about that. But what we can do is recommend the best tech, gear and gadgets that you should ensure you have about your person while travelling, tripping or vacationing.

From finding your way, to staying entertained while you do so, and onto having the most fun possible when you get there, the following items are essential.

Stylish, shade-granting sunglasses

If you take one thing away with you this summer while travelling then make it a pair of stylish, high-tech sunglasses. Not only will they shade your delicate eyes from the intense rays of the sun, but they will also make you look cooler and make undertaking a wide-range of activities easier. From driving to beach volleyball, in rocking a pair of top sunglasses you maximise your chance of having a great time while away.

A versatile and powerful mobile phone

A no-brainer this one. When travelling this summer make sure you are equipped with a top smartphone. Mobile phones, far from just making communication with others on the go super easy, have become everyone's first and foremost computing and entertainment device too. From navigating unknown regions with map apps, to moving money from one bank account to another, and onto watching the latest films and TV shows in rest periods, having a mobile is essential in the modern world - especially when travelling.

A proper camera for serious snapping

And talking of smartphones, they're also great for taking quick snaps while travelling. For more serious photo-journal work though then a proper camera is a must, no matter whether it is traditional work with a DSLR or CSC, or more experimental recording with an action camera, the results a proper piece of equipment can give you are first rate. And when you're travelling you want to maximise your opportunities to record your adventures in the best fidelity possible.

A library full of books

One problem with travelling, especially for extended periods, is that if you like to read then your opportunities to do so are limited by your luggage space. As such, picking up an ereader is a smart option. Modern ereaders are lightweight, super thin, and can literally store thousands of books of them, with special e-ink and virtual paper making reading off them even in direct sunlight a doddle.

Have fun and keep fit at the same time

The lush summer weather is just perfect for outdoor activities and sports, so why not track your health and fitness gains with one of this year's most advanced wearables? From steps taken to heart rate, floors climbed to calories burned, by equipping yourself with a top wearable you can track almost any stat discretely and immediately. Many smartwatches also include GPS and mapping functions, as well as tethering to a mobile phone too, all of which are handy in a holiday pinch.

A spacious, comfortable travel bag

It's no use planning to take all this essential gear if you don't have a spacious, rugged and stylish carry bag to store it all in. Even on the most luxurious holidays chances are you will have to carry your luggage at some point and that is where rocking the right backpack, holdall or carry bag becomes essential. Equally, when going out for the day to visit an attraction, it is crucial to have a day bag to take with you to store your belongings, food and liquids. We've got 2017's best bags, backpacks and rucksacks below, so browse for your perfect pack now.

Headphones to listen to your "summer jam"

Lastly, we don't know how anyone could go travelling, for any length of time, without the ability to listen to their favourite tunes. There's a reason why summer jams are a thing after all! So, no matter what length of trip or break you are going on, make sure to pack a top sounding and, crucially, suitable pair of headphones or earphones for the job. 

Don't have much carry space? Then a pair of streamlined in-ears will be best. Got more luggage than the Aga Khan? Then plump for a top pair of over ears. Intend to get your exercise on while on holiday? Then make sure you take a pair of exercise headphones. And, of course, if you are spending a long time on a plane this summer, then you should definitely take a pair of noise cancelling headphones. T3 has tested 2017's best in every category.