Celebrate Earth Day 2023 with BLUETTI’s green energy storage solutions

Harness green energy and save on your energy bills this Earth Day by picking up a BLUETTI home battery backup and solar generator

Three children sitting outside a family home with BLUETTI energy storage devices.
(Image credit: BLUETTI)

The Earth is facing some stiff challenges right now. Its finite resources are more stretched than ever and extreme weather events are becoming ever more commonplace. Meanwhile, on a much more local level households are feeling the pinch, with energy costs spiraling across Europe. Clearly it’s never been more important to live in as sustainable a manner as possible, so finding ways you can store and reuse energy is vital, not just to reduce your bills but also for the future of generations to come.

Fortunately, BLUETTI is here to lend a helping hand. As well as advocating for a green and sustainable lifestyle, the energy storage solutions provider has also invested in research for cutting-edge clean energy solutions. And it’s marking Earth Day 2023 by empowering you to live sustainably and create a better world with its energy storage and renewable charging solutions.

Here is just a small slice of the features BLUETTI’s products can offer.

Green to produce, green to use

Most BLUETTI products are powered by lithium iron phosphate batteries with a long-lasting service life of between seven and 15 years, which are much safer than traditional ternary batteries. Since they don’t contain any toxic or harmful metals or chemical substances and produce no CO2 emissions, lithium iron phosphate batteries are environmentally friendly to produce, use, and dispose of. So whether you’re looking for portable power stations like the EB3A or home-scale storage systems like EP600, you can relax in the knowledge that you’re minimising your impact on the planet.

And BLUETTI’s energy storage solutions are not just green to produce: they’re also green to juice up. The BLUETTI generator can not only be charged by AC power, but also the solar power, meaning it generates a steady stream of solar energy that’s not only green but doesn’t cost you a penny.

A suburban home powered by BLUETTI's energy storage products

(Image credit: BLUETTI)

Super-charge your outdoor activities

But BLUETTI’s products aren’t just great for powering your home: they’re also perfect for keeping your gadgets charged while you’re on the go. Whether you enjoy snapping photos, camping or traveling, BLUETTI’s EB3A/EB55/EB70 are always on hand to power up devices such as cameras, drones, smartphones, laptops or GPS. Or do you fancy bringing a glamping vibe to your next trip into the great outdoors? BLUETTI’s solar generators like AC200P/AC200MAX can power refrigerators, microwave ovens and other electrical appliances, meaning you no longer have to rough it just because you’re kipping in a tent or campervan.

Packed full of features

BLUETTI’s devices are also crammed full of features. Perennially popular since its release in 2021, its combined AC300+B300 home battery backup and solar generator combination has been winning home-owners over with its super-quiet operation, seamless uninterruptible power supply feature, 24/7 standby function and smart app control. Not only can you keep all your devices running during a power cut but controlling your backup supply is a breeze.

Join BLUETTI's offline pop-up event

Want to discover more and share your ideas about green energy with BLUETTI? Then you’re in luck! BLUETTI will be at Skyline Plaza, Frankfurt on 29 April to meet fans of sustainability and those looking for affordable energy solutions. Not only that but BLUETTI has prepared a bonus surprise for everyone that attends, so make sure you head along on the day.


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