Best kids’ water bottle 2021: keep your children hydrated and healthy

All our picks are BPA-free and many are nearly indestructible

The best kids’ water bottles

Out on the trail, after PE, after a gruelling session on the monkey bars, or at the very least a pulse-quickening game of The Floor is Lava, it’s very important to stay hydrated. 

But despite some amazing feats of agility when it comes to sneaking out of bed and reaching forbidden snacks, kids aren’t the most dextrous beings in the world, which is where a special water bottle comes in handy. 

The best kids’ water bottles are easy to drink from, easy to clean, and fairly robust, and our picks have it all.

Lovers of Disney princesses, dinosaurs, and cute critters are catered for, but there are some more low-key options too, in plain bright or pastel colours for a bottle that’ll last them through primary and beyond. 

For your peace of mind, all our picks are BPA-free and many are nearly indestructible, and the ones intended for the littlest tots feature means of keeping things germ-free and non-sticky to help ease their transition into big-kid drinking.

The best kids' bottle

1. Camelbak Eddy Kids Bottle

Steady Eddy doesn’t spill, doesn’t leak, and looks cool all the while

Best for: Spill-proof
Material: Tritan
Capacity: 400ml
BPA free?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+No-tip, spill-proof design+Huge range of colourful designs

This kids’ water bottle isn’t just adorable, it’s also completely spill-proof, making it a great one for when they’re still learning to deal with drinking independently. The innovative design means you don’t have to tip to sip – just open up the bite valve and have at it – so there’s less danger of getting it all over themselves.

It also comes in the biggest range of designs we’ve ever seen, and although we’re quite taken with these colourful dinos ourselves, there’s also everything from DJ-ing skunks to ice-fishing bears to choose from.

Mountop Kids Water Bottle

2. Mountop Kids Water Bottle

This kids’ drinks bottle is easy peasy to use and clean

Best for: Strength
Material: Tritan
Capacity: 400ml
BPA free?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Easy and hygienic to operate+Hydration tracker

Like the Camelbak Eddy bottle, this offering from Mountop is spill-proof and leak-proof thanks to its super long straw and no-tip design. The push-button mouthpiece is fun, easy and – best of all – hygienic for them to operate, and easy for you to take apart for cleaning, while the markers on the side let you keep track of how hydrated they are (compared to how hydrated they profess to be).

It doesn’t come in the bright patterns of the Eddy, but its three muted colours look grown-up and match pretty much any school bag, and most importantly, the thicker-than-average walls make it nigh on indestructible.

Disney Princess Personalised Water Bottle

3. Disney Princess Personalised Water Bottle

These personalised water bottles are more grown-up than the average fare, and great for gifting too

Best for: A gift
Material: Aluminium
Capacity: 660ml
BPA free?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Personalisable bottle+Strong aluminium construction

There’s nary a child we’ve met who doesn’t love Disney Princesses, but too often the merchandise can be very… let’s say pink. These grown-up aluminium bottles will make them feel like one of the big kids while still repping their favourite members of the monarchy in sweet pastel portraits, whether that’s Ariel, Cinderella or Rapunzel, and the aluminium construction is strong and doesn’t pick up odours as easily as plastic. 

Even better, you can add a name up to 11 characters for a personal touch that makes these bottles great for gifting, and gives kids a real sense of ownership.

OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle

4. OXO Tot Twist Top Water Bottle

Grippy, non-slippy and built of strong stuff

Best for: Day trips
Material: Tritan and silicone
Capacity: 354ml
BPA free?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Easy to hold loop and non-slip top+Strong Tritan bottle

Ever noticed how adept small children are at dropping things? Yeah, us too. Avoid the inevitable “uh oh”s with a water bottle that packs its own carrying loop, like this one from Oxo. The Oxo Tot Twist Top Water Bottle (say that three times really quickly) has an integrated loop under its wide, non-slip lid, so that it can be easily kept track of by little hands or even looped onto a carabiner for family outings. 

If it does get dropped, the robust Tritan construction should mean it won’t suffer, a claim backed up by an impressive lifetime warranty.

Contigo Striker Outdoor Bottle

5. Contigo Striker Outdoor Bottle

Strong and simple to use, this bottle is built for life outdoors

Best for: Camping and hiking
Material: Polypropylene and plastic
Capacity: 420ml
BPA free?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+No-leak design+Hygienic flip-up straw cover

This leak proof water bottle has a number of virtues that make it a great choice of camping, not least its no-spill design that means it can be hung any which way from a pack or even chucked inside. Choose between bright funky flowers or futuristic robots (why is it never flowers and robots?) for a bottle that’ll look cool and keep them hydrated while out and about. 

Perfect for Cub and Brownie camps, they’ll be the envy of their Six for sure. There’s also a flip-over straw cover to keep out germs if it accidentally falls to the floor, which you know it will. At least twice.

Rachel Ellen Mermaid Water Bottle

6. Rachel Ellen Mermaid Water Bottle

Aspiring seafarers will love this mermaid drinks bottle

Best for: Funky design
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 500ml
BPA free?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Cute mermaid design+Freezer safe

This cute water bottle, emblazoned with a cheery mermaid and a few of her fishy friends, is one to brighten up the murky depths of even the most battle-worn backpack. Reviewers have noted that it’s completely leak proof, so it’s great for chucking in a bag, although it does seem that this comes as a side-effect of a properly tight lid, so they might some help to unscrew it when refill time rolls around. 

Its BPA-free plastic is also freezer safe, so feel free to pop it in with the peas overnight for water that’ll stay cold ‘til lunchtime, however hand-washing is recommended to preserve its colourful good looks.

Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle

7. Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle

An ideal stepping stone on the route to grown-up bottles

Best for: Transitional
Material: Plastic
Capacity: 350ml
BPA free?: Yes
Reasons to buy
+Dishwasher-safe+Detachable strap

Looking to make the transition from sippy cups to big-kid bottles? This straw bottle by Skip Hop has proved a great middle ground for happy reviewers and their kiddywinks. They say the plastic feels considerable, not cut-price, and it happily survives trips through the dishwasher for easy cleaning. 

Parents loved that it came with two straws for extra longevity and a flip-top lid to seal off the business end from any nasties. The strap is a nice touch too, making it easy for kids to keep track of their bottle even while running around.