Best men's leather gloves 2020

Keep out the chill in inimitable style with our list of the best men’s leather gloves

The best men's leather gloves

If you’re looking to add a little more flair to the everyday or dress up for an event, you’re going to want to think about accessories, and they don’t come much better than this, so let’s take a look at the best men’s leather gloves the shops have to offer us right now.

No matter whether you want your gloves for weekend dog walks or long drives in the country in a 1960s E-type (we can dream, right?) you’ll want to look for something that, to paraphrase the words of renowned leather lover Johnny Cash, walks the line between good looks and practicality. 

Of course, because we have the very best taste, all of the gloves we’ve picked are handsome devils, but bear in mind what you’ll want them for before you pick your perfect pair.

Very fine, soft leather with a thin lining is the natural choice if you want to stay flexible when there’s a chill in the air, while chunkier gloves with a knitted lining are better for the harshest weather, where you won’t need your extremities quite so nimble, but also don’t want to lose them to frostbite. 

If you’d like gloves for driving, we recommend going for a pair specifically made for that purpose, as they have flexibility-boosting features to help you drive as intuitively as you would gloveless. Whatever you’re after, prepare to swoon (or give a manly grunt of approval, if that’s more your thing) over our stylish picks.

1. Dents Mens Classic Leather Driving Gloves

Time-honoured design from a classic brand

Best for: Best driving gloves
Inside lining: Leather
Size: S, M, L, XL
Care: Dry clean only
Reasons to buy
+ Classic design features + Flexibility for driving 
Reasons to avoid
- Dry clean only 

To any man who’s ever fancied himself a bit of a ‘Ryan Gosling in Drive’ type (scorpion jacket optional): meet our best-ever leather gloves. From esteemed English glovers Dents, these leather driving gloves look amazing as well as freeing you up to do all those dramatic handbrake turns – or, y’know, just drop the kids off at school. 

With features like a traditional keyhole back, knuckle holes and elasticated palm, they offer the flexibility needed for driving and look dapper as all heck at the same time. The best of both worlds, and a rather unexpected choice in navy, too.

2. Mulberry Soft Nappa Leather Gloves

Fine, soft and pliable for the ultimate personalised pair

Best for: Classic leather design
Inside lining: Cashmere
Size: M, L
Care: Specialist clean only
Reasons to buy
+ Soft leather moulds to fit + Warm cashmere inner 
Reasons to avoid
- No small size 

The best leather gloves are ones that won’t interfere with your daily activities, and that means staying soft and flexible when you need it most. These exquisite Mulberry gloves will do just that, with their fine, pliable nappa leather construction that John Lewis say will soften and mould to the shape of your hands over time. And we’re sure you’ll have no problem getting to that stage, especially seeing as the inner lining is made from cosy cashmere. 

3. RJR.John Rocha Brown Leather Touchscreen Gloves

Make no compromises in chilly weather with these clever gloves

Best for: Tech lovers
Inside lining: 50% nylon, 50% wool
Size: S-M, L-XL
Care: Wipe clean only
Reasons to buy
+ Touchscreen sensitive  + Great value for leather 
Reasons to avoid
- Won’t be the longest lasting 

Whoever came up with the idea of touchscreen-sensitive gloves, we’d like to shake their hand, and if you’ve ever lost all feeling in your extremities while trying to navigate Google Maps on a bitingly cold day, you probably will, too. 

These leather touchscreen gloves by John Rocha ensure life goes on even on the coldest days with thick premium leather and a cosy knitted wool blend lining to keep you toasty, and touchscreen tips to keep you on track. For leather, they’re fabulous value too.

4. Bottega Veneta Cashmere-Lined Leather Gloves

Treat your ‘tips with these cosy cashmere-lined gloves

Best for: Ultimate luxury
Inside lining: Cashmere
Size: S, M, L
Care: Wipe clean only
Reasons to buy
+ Distinctive design + Cashmere lining 
Reasons to avoid
-You'll need to figure out your glove size

Despite these gloves’ ultra-fine leather exterior, don’t be fooled into thinking they won’t keep you as warm as a chunkier style. The cashmere lining naturally insulates hands against the chilliest winds, and looks no bulkier for it, making these a great dressier pair for formal events in colder months. 

The iconic three point stitch detailing gives them a classic look, but that distinctive diamond-shaped ‘intrecciato’ weave is pure Bottega Veneta, so you'll earn tons of style points with those in the know, if you're into that sort of thing. The suppleness of the leather also means that they don’t need much breaking in, so for instant luxury and comfort, these are a winning pair. 

5. Dents Men's Casual Leather Gloves

Winter weekend style: nailed

Best for: Weekends
Inside lining: Wool mix
Size: M, L, XL
Care: Dry clean only
Reasons to buy
+ Ribbed cuff keeps warmth in + More casual finish 
Reasons to avoid
- Still dry clean only 

Retaining the luxe feel of leather, but with a less formal design than some of our other picks, these casual leather gloves from Dents are just right for weekend days out and cold-weather walks. 

Their wool mix lining ends in a ribbed cuff, intended to sit tight to the wrist to keep heat from escaping, and giving these the edge on some of the thinner gloves in our list when it comes to outdoor wear.