Best touchscreen gloves 2021: stay connected, even in the coldest weather

We round up the best touchscreen gloves, with conductible digits so you can use your phone without freezing your fingertips off

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Person wearing Extremities Furnace Pro touchscreen gloves
(Image credit: Extremities)

The best touchscreen gloves are designed to help you stay connected when its cold. Regular gloves do not work with touchscreen devices, but these mitts have special conductible digits that let you use your phone, operate a hiking GPS or even check footage on your GoPro, through the fabric. Just a few years ago, touchscreen gloves seemed like a bit of a gimmick, but those days are long gone; now, touchscreen gloves are practically essential. 

Below you'll find a selection of the best touchscreen gloves around right now. When making your choice, keep in mind what you'll be doing when wearing your gloves. Around town pretty much any of this list will be just fine, but begin to venture onto the hillsides in inclement weather and you might be looking for something more beefy (need to sacrifice the touchscreen element for ultimate warmth? Try some of the best cold weather gloves instead). 

As with all gloves, don't be tempted to go too hefty if you're doing big cardio such as walking or running – you'll warm up pretty quick, start to sweat, and lose a bunch of that insulation through it wetting out (explore our running gloves guide for some specialised options there). Finally, touchscreen gloves most commonly have just a conductive finger and thumb, which does limit what you can do with them on. If you're planning more elaborate tech-usage, such as one or two-hand typing on a tablet, look for an option with 10 conductible digits. Whatever you decide, here are the best touchscreen gloves available right now.

The best touchscreen gloves to buy now

Montane Prism Glove

(Image credit: Montane)

Best lightweight touchscreen gloves

Best for: lightweight warmth
Fabric: Recycled outer with DWR, PrimaLoft insulation, microfleece lining
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Conductible digits: 4
Reasons to buy
+Trap heat extremely well+Very light and packable+Great value
Reasons to avoid
-There are more robust options for adventuring in-There are more stylish gloves for urban wear

Our pick for the best touchscreen gloves around right now are the Montane Prism gloves. With an excellent warmth to weight ratio, these pack down into a parcel just a little bigger than an apple, ready to sling in your rucksack just in case they're needed. The index fingers and thumbs are conductible, and pre-curved to make them nice and dexterous, too. PrimaLoft GOLD insulation traps heat remarkably well (in our Montane Prism gloves review, our tester likened these to a pair of mini sleeping bags), and the Pertex Quantum shell offers a good amount of wind resistance while still allowing the fabric to breathe. While these aren't quite hardy enough for proper expeditions, for running, hiking and general casual glove-wearing, they'll work a treat. 

Extremities Furnace Pro

(Image credit: Extremities )

2. Extremities Furnace Pro touchscreen gloves

The warmest touchscreen gloves

Best for: Staying really, really warm
Fabric: 30% Wool, 70% Acrylic
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Conductible digits: 4
Reasons to buy
+Warm as toast+Trad looks

The Furnace Pro gloves might look like the equivalent of a school-teacher's tweed jacket, all leather patches and home-spun goodness, but there's serious tech lurking in these traditional knitted gloves. The first hint that ‘Furnace' might be appropriate is the weight – 110 grams (medium) is quite a heft for a pair of gloves, and there's an excellent reason for that – a Primaloft Gold insulation layer. That outer is indeed wool, just in an acrylic mix to keep damp at bay, while  an X DRY Extremities membrane ensures the inner stays dry. 

In a final minor masterstroke the conductive touchscreen fingertips mirror the pu leather palm-pad, creating a vintage look that'll blend in with any event, from office to hillwalking. Most importantly though, these will keep you downright toasty whatever the weather throws at you – a modern classic.   

The North Face Montana FUTURELIGHT Etip gloves

(Image credit: The North Face Montana)

The best touchscreen gloves for skiing and snowboarding

Best for: snowsports
Fabric: polyester, nylon, polyurethane
Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
Conductible digits: 4 (thumbs and forefingers)
Reasons to buy
+Super warm+Allow easy finger movement+Well designed and high quality
Reasons to avoid
-Hard to operate smaller devices-On the bulky side

Designed for winter sports use but actually pretty handy for any very cold weather, the The North Face Montana FUTURELIGHT Etip are our pick for the best touchscreen gloves for skiing and snowboarding. These are gauntlet-style gloves with many features you’d expect to see on a pair of dedicated mountain gloves – plus, of course, the touchscreen-friendly ‘etip’ overlays on thumb and forefinger. There's a synthetic leather palm for durability and flexibility, plus medium-weight insulation to keep things supremely cosy. These also include a layer of FUTURELIGHT, TNF’s flagship waterproof-yet-breathable membrane, which also makes an appearance in the brand's best waterproof jackets. Head to our North Face Montana FUTURELIGHT Etip gloves review to find out more.

Marmot Women’s Connect Touchscreen Glove

4. Marmot Women’s Connect Touchscreen Glove

A warm and flexible glove that offers touchscreen compatibility

Best for: Winter walks
Fabric: 92% Polyester, 8% Elastane
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Conductible digits: Index finger and thumb
Reasons to buy
+Warm, yet flexible+Wind resistant

If you’re looking for an everyday glove that you can put on no matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, you can’t go wrong with this touchscreen glove. Made from Polartec Power Stretch fabric, they promise warmth and freedom of movement – great if you want to transition between holding the dog’s lead to answering a call.  The design of the glove has been optimised so it fits precisely – a great characteristic for a touchscreen compatible pair. You’ll find the compatibility in the finger and thumb – which is all you need, really. 

Montane Iridium Gloves

(Image credit: Montane)

5. Montane Iridium Gloves

A brilliant coming together of form and function

Best for: Tough weather conditions
Fabric: Goat leather and fleece
Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL
Conductible digits: Index finger and thumb
Reasons to buy
+Ultra-touch+Very flexible

These stylish gloves do what they say on the box – plus a whole lot more. The curved design of the fingers and thumbs make it effortlessly simply to type, without risking bunched-up fabric impeding freedom of movement, and a goat leather-reinforced pad provides extra grip in tough conditions. A hi-tech outer layer (something known as PONTETORTO Tecnostretch, to give it its full name) guarantees a snug, but most importantly, comfortable fit, and a ceramic-inspired print gives you a helping hand (excuse the pun) in the style stakes.

SealSkinz Water Repellent All Weather Glove

(Image credit: SealSkinz)

6. SealSkinz Water Repellent All Weather Gloves

The best touchscreen gloves for wet conditions

Best for: Repelling water
Fabric: 95% Polyester, 5% Elastane
Sizes: S, M, L, XL
Conductible digits: Index finger and thumb
Reasons to buy
+Water repellent+Quick drying 

Are you headed somewhere wet? Designed to be ultra-water repellent, these lightweight, single layer, mostly fleece gloves from waterproof specialists SealSkinz have an extra feature. On the palms is a silicone print for added grip, which is a nice feature considering all wearers will likely be packing a phone. However, only the index fingers and thumbs are conductive, so this is pair for checking a phone, but not for maximum productivity.

Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves

(Image credit: Moshi)

7. Moshi Digits Touchscreen Gloves

All-over conductivity for ultimate urban productivity

Best for: Two-handed tech use
Fabric: GripTrak and micro fleece
Sizes: S/M, L
Conductible digits: 10
Reasons to buy
+All over conductivity+Extra grip

Do you need to type and tap in the cold? Available in light grey and dark grey, and in two sizes, these touchscreen gloves from Moshi have conductive fibre on all 10 fingertips. That gives you great versatility, but also safety; the Moshi Digits also have an S-shaped pattern on the palm and fingers that offers a decent grip of handheld devices, which Moshi calls GripTrak. Meanwhile, inside is a microfleece lining for softness and warmth, which is what all gloves should be about. 

Berghaus touchscreen glove

(Image credit: Berghaus)

1. Berghaus touchscreen glove

A smart-looking, insulated touchscreen glove

Best for: Lightweight
Fabric: 100% PolarTec
Sizes: S/M, L/XL, XXL
Conductible digits: 4
Reasons to buy
+Tried and tested insulation+Damp-resistant
Reasons to avoid
-Not the most hardwearing

The Berghaus touchscreen glove does what it says on the tin – conductive tips on the thumb and forefinger, Polartec material, no frills. The cut is generous to accommodate the generalised sizing (running S,M, L and XL into two sizes), and the styling is designed to crossover between town and country use – although some reviewers report the seams popping, so we'd say these probably are probably more for casual use rather than proper outdoorsing. A key element here is the double-thickness cuff to keep the blood flowing, increasing warmth substantially compared to a thinner cuff. Because these are entirely man-made material, they'll shrug off light rain and drizzle, and remain fairly warm even when soaked, as well as drying quickly. Finally, they're very light indeed, coming in at a mere 42g – that's real bang for buck in warmth terms. 

Northwave Contact Touch 2 Full Finger Gloves

8. Northwave Contact Touch 2 Full Finger Gloves

The best touchscreen glove for bike riders

Best for: MTB and cycling
Fabric: 80% Nylon, 20% Elastane
Sizes: M, L, XL
Conductible digits: Thumb, index finger
Reasons to buy
+Stretchy fit for ultimate movement+Grip print palm

Investing in a decent pair of gloves is just as important when you’re cycling – in fact, we have a whole separate guide dedicated to the best cycling gloves. However, if you're after the best touchscreen option, here's our recommendation. In addition to being touchscreen compatible, the design of these gloves has been optimised for autumn and spring cycling, with Northwave thinking about fabric, grip and padding so the rider’s experience is the most comfortable it can be. With even the most advanced of cyclists rating these gloves highly for how comfortable they are on the bike, the addition of the touchscreen element means that these gloves are the best touchscreen gloves for cyclists on our list.

Tracksmith Inverno Gloves

(Image credit: Tracksmith)

9. Tracksmith Inverno Gloves

Ultra-cosy touchscreen gloves designed with runners in mind

Best for: Running and exercising outdoors
Fabric: Micro-nylon and elastane
Sizes: S/M and L/XL
Conductible digits: Index finger, thumb
Reasons to buy
+Very flexible+Incredibly warm

These gloves are multi-tasking miracles – designed to keep hands toasty warm, while also making it easy to use phones or fitness trackers, thanks to 'phone tips' on the forefingers and thumbs. However, those clever bods at Tracksmith also ensured that there are extra-soft patches of material on the parts of the forefingers and thumbs most likely to come into contact with skin when runners are wiping away sweat on the face, minimising the need for Chapstick. We also love the quick-drying blend of micro-nylon and elastane – not that this will stop us putting our gloves on the tops of radiators, to be clear. After all, nothing beats the feel of a toasty-warm glove. For more options, head to our dedicated guide to the best running gloves.