Best pyjamas for men 2021: stylish PJs for cold winter nights

As the temperatures continue to fall we've reached peak pyjama season, look great and sleep well in T3's selection of cosy PJs

Best pyjamas for men: stylish PJs for cold winter nights

Pyjamas are one of the few garments that symbolise comfort, relaxation and prioritise feeling cosy. 

And as the temperatures continue to fall as we approach peak pyjama season, there’s no better time to look at the best types and how they can inspire us to hibernate in luxury.

For what on the outside seems like a simple category of attire, there’s a surprisingly wide amount of choice. From cotton and satin pyjamas, to flannel, robes, loungewear and dressing gowns, you can spend hours trawling around for what to buy. But what looks good exactly? 

Check out our selection of stylish pyjamas for cold winter nights to get yourself ready for proper winter comfort.

Flannel pyjamas

There’s something irresistibly comfortable about flannel fabrics. It’s not just that they’re woven to be soft and breathable, but tartan patterns give you that casual comfort-first feeling so ideal for staying cosy during the cold of winter.

While you’ve probably had just as much exposure to flannel through trucker shirts as through PJs, they’re probably best-suited to lounging around in bed or at home on the weekend thanks to their combination of comfort and durability. There really is nothing like coming home late on a Friday evening, changing into flannel pyjamas, and entering the cosy zone.

Satin pyjamas

You don’t have to restrict your use of satin to just the bed sheets. While you might think a bed covered in shiny purple fabric is decadent, that’s definitely not the case with pyjamas. With its light-reflecting properties and thicker weave than silk, satin pyjamas sort of look like a suit for the living room, but even more elegant.

And it’s really not necessary to walk around in Gucci slippers while smoking a pipe to pull off this look. Satin pyjamas are comfortable and one of the more stylish fabrics on this list. But before you go pimping out your winter wardrobe with a set, bear in mind that satin is less breathable than something like cotton and there are some sets which might require hand washing.

Cotton pyjamas

If a cotton pyjama set isn’t already in your wardrobe, then this could be the time to make that happen. There isn’t much to say about cotton that’ll surprise you, so a set of cotton pyjamas will obviously offer relative affordability, breathability and sweat absorption. When you’re choosing pyjamas, one of the main things to consider is how they feel, seeing as you’ll be wearing them for hours at a time, or perhaps even longer if you sleep in them.

Although cotton pyjamas are affordable compared to other fabrics, you shouldn’t necessarily skimp here. Spending more for the style you’re after is one thing, but cheaper cotton can warp and shrink more easily than premium offerings. And not only that, but it’s also widely acknowledged that cotton in general can help you get a better night’s sleep thanks to its body heat and moisture dispersion properties.

Dressing gowns

Of all the entries on this list, perhaps the most style-focused of the lot is the dressing gown. Not to be confused with the robe (see below), the dressing gown is made for strutting about the home, reading the Sunday paper over coffee, and just generally looking dapper. They can be worn with clothing underneath, or nothing at all if you prefer that.

The gown that you see above is made from herringbone cashmere and is lined with silk and contrast piping.  This should give you an idea of the ‘technology’ that can go into what is essentially clothing for chilling out with your iPad. Well-made dressing gowns prove that your love of style doesn’t have to end as soon as you arrive home.

Silk pyjamas

What stylish pyjama list would be complete without something made of silk? One of the most stylish options you can go for, it’s also one of the most comfortable and expensive. Wearing silk PJs is a bit like going all in every time you visit the casino. This is pure luxury in a category geared towards luxury.

Silk is great for sleeping in thanks to its breathability and lightness. It’s also loose-fitting enough that you won’t get tangled as you roll around the mattress. And with examples like the set pictured above, featuring a paisley print and mother-of-pearl buttons, you’ll feel like a million bucks each time you rise.


This brings us to robes, which are similar to the dressing gown but serve a different purpose. As they’re essentially a wearable towel, you’ll want to save using these for the bathroom, the pool or any other time you might want to throw a garment on while you’re wet. You can also look stylish as you do it.

Robes, like the one pictured above from Cleverly Laundry, are great for throwing over pyjamas or tracksuit pants and can also show off your style, particularly if you wear them with matching slippers. Definitely avoid one that’s not made from cotton, or a similarly absorbent fabric, as you might regret it as you step out of the bathtub.


No pyjama ensemble would be complete without a cosy pair of slippers to go with it. While with slippers you do get a mix of heeled and non-heeled, you’ll want to keep it as plush as possible if you’re planning to wear them with PJs as you stroll about the house. This woollen pair above from Soho Home also comes with a fleece lining – so you could imagine how insanely good that would feel when paired with comfy socks.

But are slippers an absolute necessity? You could get away without wearing them, but they’re a great item to match with pyjamas, can keep your floor cleaner, and are a better alternative to walking around the tiles and floorboards in socks. Just be sure to get a breathable pair that still has good insulation for when the mercury drops below zero.