Monitor Audio i-deck 100 iPod dock review

High-end iPod docks boasts premium audio offering

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  • Great sounds
  • Good looks
  • Automatic Position Correction


  • Slightly high price
  • Unresponsive buttons
  • Might get over-looked

With iPod docks ranging from the reasonable to the eye-wateringly expensive the Monitor Audio i-deck 100 hopes to win you over by offering a premium price tag, but with a premium product attached to it.

Forgoing the route of the masses Monitor Audio has overlooked the cheap and cheerful approach to iPod docks instead offering up the high-end Monitor Audio i-deck 100, a well designed device which pairs good looks with strong performances.

Doing away with the cheap plastic finish and tinny tones that have blighted so many iPod docks Monitor Audio has looked to craft a unit which looks as good as it sounds with a high-end price tag the result of precision craftsmanship and innovative technologies.

Monitor Audio i-deck 100 Features

Ensuring users receive the optimal audio experience to their environment and music tastes the i-deck 100 boasts both Automatic Position Correction (APC) and Bass Level Management (BLM) systems. Whilst the former intelligently adjusts sounds to account for its position in the room, the latter optimises sound balance at lower volume levels for an improved experience.

Attempting to return audio to its pure analogue form the i-deck 100 plays host to a 28/56 bit Dual precision digital to analogue converter with two 3-inch ceramic-coated aluminium/magnesium alloy drivers accompanied by 19mm C-CAM tweeters to produce an impeccable sound filled with warm tones and sharp notes.

Monitor Audio i-deck 100 Design

Designed with high-end style to accompany premium substance the i-deck 100 is an all-round aesthetically pleasing piece of kit, capable of acting as a shelving unit’s focal point rather than simply another slab of lifeless black plastic.

Whilst Monitor Audio is touting the device’s flexible dock connector as one of its key USPs, in reality the movable connection point is somewhat fiddly to use with standard iPhones and iPods slightly difficult to position in order to successfully pair with the unit.

Unlike most iPod docks Monitor Audio has transferred its design credentials past the dock itself into the remote with the infra-red controller boasting a unique curved-edged design which feels reassuring in the hand.

Monitor Audio i-deck 100 Performance

In terms of audio quality it is hard to fault the i-deck. Whilst sounds are detailed and diverse at standard and lower volume settings, pushed to the higher end of the volume spectrum the Monitor Audio dock comes into its own with deep, rich, audio unaffected by the distortion and warping found in so many of its competitors.

One slight gripe with the performance of the Monitor Audio i-deck 100 comes not with its audio output but its at times ineffective controls. Whilst the physical volume up and down buttons can be slow to react and occasionally unresponsive the power button can take a number of firm presses to register commands.

Monitor Audio i-deck 100 Verdict

An exciting addition to the overcrowded iPod dock market the Monitor Audio i-deck 100 is a premium device that lives up to its high-end pricing. Offering sound quality comparable to the cream of the iPod dock crop the curvaceous device ticks all the boxes on an audiophile’s wish list.