LG Lifeband Touch review: Hands-on

The LG Lifeband Touch is the brand's debut fitness tracker wristband

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LG Lifeband Touch review
Image 2 of 5 LG Lifeband Touch review
LG Lifeband Touch review
Image 3 of 5 LG Lifeband Touch review
LG Lifeband Touch review
Image 4 of 5 LG Lifeband Touch review
LG Lifeband Touch review
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LG Lifeband Touch review

The LG Lifeband Touch marks the brand's entry into the wearable tech arena, currently occupied by the likes of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, Sony Smartwatch 2 and Google Glass.

The wristband is designed to monitor your health, meaning that it'll be up against fitness gadgets like the Nike+ Fuelband SE and Fitbit Flex and Jawbone Up.

The LG Heart Rate Earphones were also introduced - these act as normal Bluetooth headphones while also measuring your heart rate via your inner ear.

LG Lifeband Touch: Size and build

The Lifeband Touch sports an asymmetric design, with the flexible rubber finish meaning that it can be slipped off and on easily as there's no clasp. As the size isn't adjustable, we found that the Lifeband felt a little loose around our wrist. And the uneven weighting meant that it slipped round our wrist a bit. Article continues after the video.

LG Lifeband Touch: Features

The built-in 3-axis accelerometer and altimeter enables the gadget to monitor your daily activity including the number of steps you've taken, distance, speed, calories scoffed as well as projected pace.

The Lifeband Touch links up via Bluetooth to the LG Fitness app - available on both Android and iOS phones. LG has also teamed up with several established fitness apps so that you can see the info from your favourite app through LG's app.

Like the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the Pebble smartwatch, LG's Lifeband also offers notifications from your smartphone for calls and texts. You can also control music from your phone using the screen.

LG Lifeband Touch: Display

The touch OLED panel is neat and clear and swiping across the screen to toggle through functions was a slick experience. It also gives it an advange over devices like the Fitbit Flex which require you to look at your phone to check your data as it has no integrated display.

LG Lifeband Touch: Verdict

While the LG Lifeband isn't the best looking fitness tracker we've seen, the fact that it can be used with LG's heart rate monitoring earphones certainly puts it at an advantage. We also like the fact you can view existing apps through LG's fitness app.

We weren't totally sold on the design or the fit, but that's something that we'll give more consideration as soon as we get a full review sample in at T3 Towers.

LG Lifeband Touch release date: Q1 2014

LG Lifeband Touch price: TBC

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