YouTube Leanback launched

Leanback streams clips based on user history

The ultimate couch-potato tool has arrived in the shape of YouTube Leanback.

YouTube Leanback, a service designed for hours of effortless YouTube-ing, comes hot on the heels of the announcement that YouTube Mobile has been given a facelift.

With YouTube hitting 2 billion daily views, it only seems natural that the online video viewing giant offers an easy way for YouTubers to find clips that catch their eye.

Users simply need to click on the Leanback link and sign in with their free YouTube account. The service lines up a long list of video clips based on your viewing history. Which, when we tested it, proved to be embarrassingly indicative of our viewing preferences.

Making it all-too-easy to use, you don't have to use your mouse once you enter the Leanback interface - hit the arrow keys on your keyboard if you want to skip a video clip or two.

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In addition, if you have linked your Facebook account to YouTube, the feed also takes into consideration links shared by your Facebook friends and streams them as well.

Currently a beta version, YouTube Leanback promises hours of Charlie-bit-my-finger-styled clips. If you're into that sort of thing.

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Link: YouTube Leanback