Xbox 360 Slim price unveiled as pre-orders begin

GAME offer Xbox 360 Slim for £199 ahead of July 16th launch

Do the best things really come in small packages? The Xbox 360 Slim would suggest so

Pre-orders for the upcoming Xbox 360 Slim have begun following the consoles unveiling by Microsoft at E3 2010 earlier this week.

Highstreet retailer GAME is the first to offer the new slimed down 360 on pre-order, charging £199 for the 250GB model due for UK release on July 16th.


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With built in 802.11n wireless internet support, the much quieter console update was unveiled alongside Microsoft’s new Kinect motion control gaming peripheral during the company's opening speech in Los Angeles. The new console, which is backwards compatible with existing Xbox 360 games and peripherals also boasts 5 USB ports, touch-sensitive power and eject buttons and a more efficient power supply.

Officially named the Xbox 360 250GB, the new slim model can be pre-ordered from the GAME website where customers are also able to pay £10 for a secured spot on the Microsoft Kinect’s pre-order list when it is released later this year. No pricing for the Kinect peripheral has yet been released.

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