World's first stereoscopic 3D website goes live

New site requires 3D telly and shutter specs

Is this the future of the internet?

What is dubbed as the ‘world’s first 3D website’ has been launched with users needing a 3D capable TV, compatible browser and a pair of active shutter extra dimensional specs in order to enjoy the content.

Unlike sites such as YouTube which have been offering 3D content for some time,, created by Sunderland based Stereografix, features a 3D interface as well as additional content. The site proudly proclaims: “We think the Stereoscopic 3D Web is probably the world’s first 3D website. It is designed to be viewed exclusively on the new generation of Stereoscopic 3D HD TVsets.”

Speaking on his company’s forward thinking achievement, Sterografix founder Saif Chaudhry said: "I don't think many people are even thinking this far ahead, and we've got a prototype already. It's not every day you can say you're first with something where the internet is concerned.”

He added: "I think there needs to be a lot more 3D TVs and computer monitors out there before it becomes mainstream, but people aren't just going to go out and buy these things unless they've got something to show on them."

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Via: 3DRadar