Wii Mini coming to the UK

Nintendo's Wii Mini will launch in the UK on March 22nd

Nintendo's Wii Mini console is set to launch in the UK on March 22nd alongside new budget Nintendo Select video game titles

A newer, smaller and more tastefully compact version of Nintendo's last-gen console is set for the release in the UK. First noticed on Best Buy's Canadian website, the Wii Mini was launched last year in Canada last December and currently retails at for $100 (around £64).Now Nintendo is to release the Wii Mini in the UK on March 22nd, although as yet, no retail price has been announced.

Alongside the Wii Mini's planned UK launch, Nintendo is adding a few more titles to its list of Nintendo Select budget titles: Mario Party 8, Wii Sports Resort, Mario Power Tennis, and Super Paper Mario.

The Wii U Mini is substantially smaller than the current Wii U console, features a top-loading disc tray rather than a disc slot and it comes in a matte black finish with a red border. The package also includes a Wii MotionPlus controller and Nunchuk and sensor bar. The console plays 1,200 disc-based Wii games, although it offers no internet connectivity, no SD card slot, no GameCube support and it comes with only one USB port.