Weird News: Fake Facebook sting and Sky Segway

Plus: Crash video sensation and airports employ holograms

The week's weird and wonderful goings on in the world of tech.

Husband calls wife’s bluff in fake Facebook drama

American house wife Angele Voelkert thought she’d got more than she bargained for after she set up a fake Facebook account to keep tabs on her husband. David Voelkert was arrested earlier this week after he revealed to the fictional character ‘Jessica Studebaker’ that he’d planted a GPS tracking system on his wife’s van and was planning to kill her, although it has now been revealed that he knew the profile was fake all along. ...Course he did.

Segway of the Sky? World’s first commercial jet-pack takes flight
Frustrated by traffic and over crowded trains? Well for anybody with a spare 100k, the Martin Aircraft Company is offering you the chance to by-pass those annoying ground obstacles by flying straight over them. The light weight design allows you 30 minutes of flying time and a parachute in case you get caught short.

Congressman in trouble over weiner pics
American Democrat Anthony Weiner has landed in hot water after lewd pictures were sent from his Twitter account to a young female follower. After failing to deny in an interview that the pictures were of him, Weiner covered himself by falling back on the excuse of ‘somebody must have hacked me’, showing a profound lack of understanding of how the internet works.

Virtual sex to become standard hotel experience
According to a report produced by Travelodge and futurologist Ian Pearson, hotel’s blue movie services will have been replaced by virtual sex experiences by the year 2030. Pearson reckons that you'll be offered a kind of Skype webcam session with far-off loved ones, or just opt for a virtual romp based on your dream partner.

Cyclist crash video becomes online sensation
New York filmmaker Casey Neistat chose an unusual method of protest after he was fined for riding outside the city's bicycle lanes. Claiming the lanes contained too many obstacles to ride in; he filmed himself crashing into a variety of objects blocking his path, including a parked NYPD car. That's one route to justice.


Airlines get futuristic with hologram employees
The first steps to robot world domination have begun, well, not quite. Airports in Manchester and London have begun to use projected steward images, which look uncannily like holograms, to recite advice and information to passengers. Total Recall's slow journey from Sci-Fi film to oracle is nearing completion.