Tech Today: Spotify on Facebook, WP7 app web store

Plus: Sony offers free ID theft protection

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off

Facebook and Spotify jump into bed
Reports suggest that Spotify and Facebook have agreed a deal to bring everyone's favourite music streaming service to the world's most popular social networking site. Forbes reckons that a deal has already been inked which will give Facebook users direct access to Spotify's library from within the browser.
Link: Forbes

Windows Phone to get an app store
Microsoft has announced that a Windows Phone App Marketplace web-store will arrive alongside the eagerly-awaited Mango update this autumn. Like its Android counterpart, the store will feature remote downloading, but will also feature Bing and social networking integration.
Link: Windows Mobile Blog

App of the Day | Instagram
Add effects to your pictures, before seding them onto your friends - all through the app interface.
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Tweetdeck confirms Twitter sale
The acquisition is now official. Social networking client Tweetdeck has confirmed that it has bought by Twitter. CEO Ian Dodsworth thanks his staff and followers and says that his client will cater for Twitter's power users. Tweetdeck will also remain in London.
Link: TechRadar

Zuckerberg says he's no humanitarian hero
Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has played down his site's role in the Arab Spring protests of this year, claiming the revolutions were more of an 'internet thing, than a Facebook thing.' Twitter and Facebook were widely credited with being catalysts for social change in Tunisia and Egypt.
Link: Telegraph

Sony offers identity theft protection
Sony has lived-up to its promise to over free identity theft protection to PSN users affected by the recent hack. To sign-up for the service, which will be provided by AllClear ID PLUS, users simply need to enter your PSN email address on the official site and you'll be protected against future hits.
Link: CVG

News@8: Wednesday saw some lucky school kids given an iPad 2, while Apple itself passed the 500,000 app landmark. Apparently however, iOS 5 won't be available on the iPhone 3GS, but 4G connectivity might finally be coming to the UK after BT revealed that it is going to trial LTE. Check out this news and more in our daily News@8 round-up