Tech Today: Google Chromebook, Angry Birds web

It's another evening of big Google news from I/O

It's the tech news that broke after you logged-off.

Samsung Series 5 Chromebook unveiled
The first of a new breed of Google Chrome OS-packing laptops arrived this evening with the Samsung Series 5 Chromebook. The super-slim device will boast just 16GB of memory, but will have a dual-core 1.66GHx Intel Atom Processor, a 12.1-inch screen and most importantly the Google Chrome OS.
Link: Engadget

Chrome plans detailed
Google has outlined its battleplan for this summer's Chrome OS launch. You'll be able to buy the laptops outright, but schools and businesses can acquire them on a subscription basis for about £12 a month. Chromebooks from Acer and Samsung will launch in the UK on July 15th.
Link: TechRadar

Angry Birds invade your browser
Rovio took to the stage at I/O to unveil an immediately playable version of Angry Birds for the Google Chrome Browser. The free version of the game is the first time that the developer has made the game available on the web. New in-app payments will allow us to get to premium levels.
Link: CNET

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The Google Chromebox gets a mention
We're still wondering what the point of this is, but Google also gave us a first look at a Chromebox, which looks a little bit like a Mac Mini and can be plugged into desktop computer to service up a Google Chrome experience. Can't see many takers for that one, but at least it looks cool.
Link: Gizmodo

Facebook adds pages and brand tagging
Social networking giant Facebook slipped in a new feature today, which allows users to tag pages, products and brands in their photos. The business-friendly move will increase integration between people you become friends with and things that you like. So, go ahead. Hold up your copy of T3, take a picture, upload it to Facebook and tag our page!
Link: TechCrunch

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