Sony PS Vita Facebook app removed for PlayStation Store

Issue hit Facebook Vita app cut from PlayStation Store following complaints

Following last week's Sony PS Vita UK release, the Facebook Vita application has been removed from the PlayStation Store due to a number of bugs

Just days after the Sony PS Vita went on sale in the UK; the console’s Facebook application has been pulled from the PlayStation Store.

With early adopters of the latest handheld gamer reporting a number of issues with the social networking app, Sony has confirmed that it has pulled the Facebook Vita application until a fix is available for the continuing “Connecting to Facebook services failed” error message.

"The Vita Facebook application has been removed from the store," an official Sony spokesperson announced via the company’s EU forum. "It will be republished once the difficulties Facebook have experienced have been resolved. Currently there is no timescale for this."

Sony PS Vita Specs

Landing with a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor the Sony PlayStation Vita boasts an impressive 5-inch OLED touchscreen display with front and rear mounted cameras joined by the usual array of PlayStation certified controls and a touch sensitive back plate for added command input options.

With the 940 x 554p resolution display helping pump out visually rich and impressive graphics, the Vita is the first next-gen high-end portable games console with Sony set to face stiff competition from the recent influx of impressive app-based smartphone gaming titles.

The Sony PS Vita is available in both Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + 3G forms with the latter allowing for improved portable gaming options as well as web browsing and social networking.

Sony PS Vita Price

Far from cheap, the Sony PS Vita price sees the console land more expensive than a new Xbox 360 or Sony PS3 device with the Wi-Fi only model to play host to a £229.99 price tag. As a standalone console, the 3G capable Vita will set wannabe owners back a hefty £279.99.

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Via: CVG