breaks World Record as most expensive domain

Smutty domain's £8.2m sale sees it enter Guinness' book

Adult website domain becomes world's most expensive, official

Having been sold for £8.2 million back in November, has now been officially recognised as the worlds "most expensive internet address domain name."

The pricey internet domain was sold in a deal brokered by Sedo back on November 17th of last year before today being recognised by Guinness World Records as being the world’s most expensive.

Proving that if you want to be a record breaker, dedication’s what you need, Sedo’s Director of Sales, Kathy Nielsen said of the newly appointed acclaim: “We're honoured that Sedo was trusted with such a high-value and high-profile sale, and we're ecstatic that it is now being recognized by Guinness World Records as a record-breaking deal."

She added: "The sale of was truly a team effort. We spent about two years with the domain, establishing the relationships, researching and finding the right buyer and managing the domain's transfer."

In achieving the world record title,, first registered by entrepreneur Gary Kremen back in 1994 before a lengthy court battle, toppled stiff competition from the domains, and

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Via: TechRadar