PES 2012 new screenshots released

New pics show feint system and improved animations

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PES 2012 is looking to give FIFA a run for it's money, especially if these shots are anything to go by.

Konami have released some more tantalising images for the upcoming addition to the series Pro Evolution Soccer. Showing off the new and improved animations and feint system which Konami is hoping will make PES 2012 a winner.

With a release date of October 14 the game will almost certainly be looking to give it's main rival FIFA 2012 a run for it's money. With improved and vastly increased animations, the game will not only look better, but with a new feint and trick system the developers hope to make it much more satisying.

There's no word as yet on any online functionality but considering how good it looks at the moment, and the new trick system, it's unlikely fans will be worrying about that just yet.

Check out the video below for a breakdown of the new system and click here for a gallery of the new screenshots.

Source: CVG