Nintendo Wii U to get re-launch at E3 in June

Nintendo say that have learnt the lessons of the 3DS

After what Nintendo called 'bitter lessons' learnt from the 3DS it's on full assault to make sure the launch of its next console will go infinitely better, its specs alone should guarantee that

The Nintendo Wii U is reportedly to get a 'second launch' next year to make sure consumers really know what's coming their way in 2012. It's part of Nintendo's plans to make sure their next console gets the full media attention they feel it deserves.

This comes after a somewhat confused launch this year which resulted in everyone knowing something was coming from Nintendo, but with no real production unit available it was hard to determine just what that was. Nintendo has since confirmed that this will be rectified in full with a complete and ready unit appearing at E3 in June next year.

Nintendo Wii U specs

While specs are hazy T3 got some Nintendo Wii U hands on time and were able to ascertain that at the very least this will be a console which will be equal if not better than the Xbox 360 and PS3 in terms of graphical capability. That in itself is an incredibly bold statement from the company, and with confirmed games such as Assassin's Creed and Batman both coming to the console it seems that Nintendo is now ready to tackle the adult-gaming arena.

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Source: GameInformer