Mozilla blocks Skype Toolbar for Firefox

Extension caused 40,000 crashes in one week

Skype Toolbar has been soft blocked by Mozilla

Mozilla has blocked the Skype toolbar in their browser, Firefox, claiming it's the cause of almost 40,000 browser crashes in one week.

The Skype Toolbar extension for Firefox allows users to make calls - audio as well as video - while within the browser. The extension is installed into Firefox by default when Skype is installed or updated.

Mozilla has claimed that the current version of the Skype extension has caused almost 40,000 crashes of Firefox 3.6.13 last week. In addition, depending on the version of Skype Toolbar being used, it makes DOM manipulation (a method to process elements of a website) up to 300 times slower. This essentially means the website will load slower than it actually could.

To prevent this, Mozilla has implemented a "soft block" on all versions of the extension, which means Firefox users will be notified of the block, but can choose to enable it again if they decide they want it.

Skype made an official statement to TechCrunch, which asks users to download the latest version of the extension as it would fix any issues. They also added they are working with Mozilla to ensure no more problems occur and apologized for any inconvenience caused.

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