Kinect for Windows SDK will get a substantial update on March 18th

Users can expect features such as 3D-modeling and hand recognition

Microsoft announces big SDK update at Engadget's Expand event. Users can expect version 1.7 on March 18th set to include the 3D object scanning application, Kinect Fusion.

It has been a year since Microsoft Kinect for Windows launched and Microsoft were set to reveal how the natural user-interface was transforming and to show guests a sneak peek at the technology for the next release of the Kinect for Windows SDK.

Both Kinect Fusion and Interactions were demonstrated at the live event in San Francisco. Fusion creates live at-home 3D models of both people and objects and Interactions is capable of recognizing a large selection of gestures.

Bob Heddle, Director of Kinect for Windows at Microsoft states users can expect "push-to-press buttons, grip-to-pan capabilities, and support for smart ways to accomodate multiple users and two-person interactions," Engadget reports.

Heddle explains that Interactions (or guestures) came to fruition because Microsoft notices that many developers were using the Kinect for core UI functions much more than the company expected. Standardising the gestures will aide developers in focusing on other aspects of the system.

The company will also make code samples for its open-source channel, the Kinect for Windows development site (CodePlex)

The update will be available from the device's official site on Monday, March 18th.

Source: Engadget