iRiver Story HD: Google eBooks supported e-reader imminent

First Google-backed e-reader outed

US book lovers get first dibs on iRiver's new digital reader.

The iRiver Story HD, first spied back at CES in January, is finally heading to shelves, the company has announced. But while that in itself might not get you too het up, the news that this is the first e-reader to support Google eBooks definitely should.

It means that users can easily connect to and snag books from Google’s eBook store, previously the preserve of PCs and tablets. There are thousands of classics and stacks of new titles to choose from, meaning the iRiver Story HD should give the predominant Amazon Kindle a run for its money.

Specs-wise, the Story HD packs a QWERTY keyboard for browsing your library and searching out new tomes, a 1024x768 e-paper panel and 2GB of space for stashing books.

Sadly, it’s US only for now, costing just $139 (£87). That’s likely down to the fact the Google eBooks are only for sale in the States. Here’s hoping when the virtual book shop’s doors finally open in the UK, the iRiver Story HD’s on hand too.

Via Electronista