iPhone 5 NFC: mobile wallet smarts not included, says analysts

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Will they, won't they NFC gossip continues.

Apple will not be loading up the iPhone 5 with NFC tech. That’s the latest word from analyst firm Bernstein, adding to a string of rumours surrounding whether the mobile wallet smarts will make it into Apple’s next-gen blower.


Apple iPhone 5 video

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NFC has been touted as a key feature for the iPhone 5, also known as the iPhone 4S, since late last year. The contactless payment technology is already sitting pretty in a number of Android phones, as the likes of Samsung and Google look to make it ubiquitous in the next year.

However, this latest analyst note adds to the growing feeling that Apple will leave NFC out of the iPhone 5, waiting to see whether it takes off and becomes easy to implement before it’s included in any future products.

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Via Business Insider