iPad 2 Tweet Review: Twitter reacts to the iPad 2 launch

The funniest Tweets as Apple launches the iPad 2.

Twitter's finest analytical minds share their reaction to the iPad 2 launch.

An Apple iPad 2 launch wouldn't be the same without Twitter. We kept a close eye on the rantings and ravings and we've brought you a selection of only the most sophisticated responses to Steve Jobs' latest launch.


Thinner than an iPhone 4 and white? No, not the new iPad 2. John Galliano's penis.


Fancy new iPad screen auto-cleans screen. What about my fingerprint collection?


A man said "White" and people cheered. What conference is this again?


It's "dramatically thinner" (33%) DO NOT MAKE A "JUST LIKE STEVE JOBS" JOKE, PLEASE...


Steve Jobs should not wear a black shirt and stand in front of a black background. He looks like a floating head & hands


All this talk of iPads is a good way to draw the spambots offering free ones out into the open so we can kills them.


Wow. Who woulda thought Apple would take no time at all making a mug out of everyone who blindly ran out and bought their 1st gen iPad?


God isnt important today, the ipad2 is being demo'd !!!!


Camera can not only see into future, but you can FaceTime your future self (rear camera only) #iPad2


Announcement: iPad 2 includes pen & paper.


So what's 2011 the year of? Magnetic, auto-aligning polyurethane covers?


Breaking news RT @cnntech Steve Jobs is wearing a belt at the iPad 2 event


I'll use my 3DS to take 3D photos of my new iPad 2 and my iPad 2 to show off my new 3DS to people on FaceTime. Okay, just sold it to myself.

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