HTC to scale back output to focus on few core handsets

HTC's UK Head confirms 2012 will see the Taiwanese company producer fewer devices

HTC confirms it is to produce fewer handsets in the coming year with more effort to be focussed on producing a few core devices

Having spent recent years bombarding the smartphone market with a flurry of new handsets Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC has revealed that during 2012 it will put more emphasis on the quality and not quantity of handsets released.

Having seen the company’s flagship device of the past year, the HTC Sensation, largely drowned out by the Apple iPhone 4S and bitter Android rival the Samsung Galaxy S II, HTC's UK head, Phil Robertson, has suggested that the Desire and Wildfire manufacturer needs to "get back to what made us great."

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Whilst the Android smartphone scene has become HTC's bread and butter the past 12 months saw the Taiwanese company attempt to conquer the tablet market with the Google OS powered 7-inch, stylus touting HTC Flyer, a device that failed to entice much interest.

"We ended 2011 with far more products than we started out with. We tried to do too much,” said Head of HTC UK Phil Robertson. “We have to get back to focusing on what made us great - amazing hardware and a great customer experience.

2012 is about giving our customers something special. We need to make sure we do not go so far down the line that we segment our products by launching lots of different SKUs.”

With a number of upcoming HTC handsets have leaked in recent weeks and months ahead of expected MWC 2012 unveilings the company is believed to be one of the first to target the introduction of a quad-core processor packing smartphone.

Should HTC refocus its efforts on a select group of hero handsets set to dominate their respective markets or continue to offer a variety of choice? Let us know what you think via the comments box below.

Via: TechRadar