HTC event to showcase new HTC tablet?

Could also show off HTC Ruby and HTC Bliss alongside tablet

With IFA 2011 just around the corner it's hardly surprising tongues are wagging over this public invitation HTC event with odds on that they may show off the HTC Ruby, HTC Bliss and the HTC Puccini

HTC has organised a London event for the public through the social network Facebook, the event is on the 1 September, first come first serve and will show those that attend what 'is next' for HTC.

While this is all sounding very vague, the fact that IFA 2011 conference is literally just round the corner it seems likely that this could be a event which showcases some of their upcoming products or perhaps an update for HTC Sense. In fact if you look back at the last time the company had a public event like this it came after the HTC Sensation was released.

What everyone will be hoping however is that it'll be the point at which HTC finally outs it's first Android Honeycomb tablet the much-leaked HTC Puccini with it's 10.1-inch screen and dual-core processor. Throw in the HTC Bliss or the 4G HTC Ruby and you'll have a line-up that would have any punter heading to the nearest phone store.

What do you think, will 1 September be the unveiling of the HTC Puccini? Let us know what you think on Facebook and Twitter.

Source: Engadget