HTC 7 Pro slated for a January 2011 release?

Windows Phone 7 handset delayed towards next year

Not in time for Christmas, but a slightly delayed New Year's present.

The German O2 website might have well indicated the HTC 7 Pro release date.

The HTC 7 Pro is one of the latest Windows Phone 7 handsets and according to the German O2 website, is expected to become available from January 2011.

Some of the features of the HTC 7 Pro include a 5MP camera, a QWERTY slider keyboard along with a touchscreen, a 9.1-inch LCD, access to Zune and an 8GB internal memory.

This Windows Phone 7 handset was initially slated to release in time for Christmas, but it's not been able to stick to that release timeframe. We have to wait a bit to get a hold of this business-oriented slider; let's wait and see if January 2011 will smile on those wanting the HTC 7 Pro.

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Via: TechRadar