Google tweaks search engine to curtail content farms

Google targeting content farms; rewarding high quality sites

Google tweaks its search engine algorithm

Google is making a big change to its search engine algorithm that will provide higher rankings to high quality sites and lower the rankings of low quality sites.

In Google's opinion, low quality sites are those which are "low-value add for users, copy content from other websites or sites that are just not very useful." High quality sites are those which have original content and contain research, in depth reports and analysis.

By all estimates, these changes, although subtle, will affect 11.8% of its queries. Their changes will first be reflected in the US, and expand to other countries in a matter of time.

Google says their aim is to provide people with the most relevant answers to all their questions as fast as possible, which requires them tuning their algorithm from time to time.

Amit Singhal, a Google fellow, and Matt Cutts, Principal Engineer, said on the official Google blog, "Google depends on the high-quality content created by wonderful websites around the world, and we do have a responsibility to encourage a healthy web ecosystem. Therefore, it is important for high-quality sites to be rewarded, and that’s exactly what this change does."

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Via: Google Blog