Google Search History for mobile unveiled

New offering lets you search searches across mobile and desktop

US phones only to start, but new service already looks like a winner.

Google has just pulled the wrappers off its new Search History service for mobile phones. The new offering lets you see all the searches you’ve made not just on your blower, but also on your desktop too.

You’ll need to dive into your Google account’s settings and select “Save Searches” in the “Search History” menu. But once you’ve done that you can use your phone to see everything you’ve looked for on Google. Mobile searches have a phone icon next to them, while desktop searches show a thumbnail of the page.

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What’s more, you can use Google’s starring system to pick pages that are really important and it’ll stick all of them in a “starred items” folder up the top of the screen. That means easy access to key web pages wherever you are.

The service is US only at the moment sadly, but with Google rolling out its offerings globally in record quick time these days, it won’t be long before you’re toying with this on your iPhone or Android blower.

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Link: Google Mobile Blog