Google Nexus Q pre-orders begin in the US

Android Social streaming player already up for grabs

According to Google this is the first social streaming device and powered by Android it'll be going head to head with Apple's own Apple TV

The Google Nexus Q was officially unveiled yesterday as Google's first home entertainment streaming device which lets you play music from the cloud and send it to any connected speakers.

Unveiled yesterday at Google I/O 2012 the Nexus Q is able to work in conjunction with other Nexus Q units turning it into a multi-room device however its biggest selling point will be the social aspect.

Google Nexus Q features:

Once someone with an Android phone opens up the Google Play Music app on their smartphone, then, using Wi-Fi they can add tracks to Nexus Q playlists using their own purchases.

If that wasn't enough it'll work with tablets and smartphones so as long as you're connected you can add tracks to the shared playlist, remove them or re-order them.

Google Nexus Q specs:

Surrounded by a ring of 32 LEDs the lights change colour and glow in correspondance with the music being played, effectively splitting the device into two halves the top half acts as a volume control.

Round the back you'll find an ethernet connection, optical out, four banana jack speaker outputs and a micro HDMI cable. Of course if that wasn't enough there's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and of course NFC for use with devices such as the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Sony Xperia S.

Google Nexus Q release date:

Available to pre-order now in the states there's no word on when we'll be able to get our handson the Nexus Q in the UK, it'll retail in the US for $299.