Google increases Google+ users with enforced signup

All Google account registrations now automatically signed up to Google+ service

Google is pushing sign ups for its recently launched social networking service Google+ with all Google accounts now registering on Facebook rival

Targeting the lofty heights of industry powerhouses Facebook and Twitter Google is pushing its fledgling social network with increased vigour forcing those looking to create a Google account to sign up to the social service.

Acting as a quick fix to bolster its sign-up figures but doing little for retaining active users the latest move to force-feed Google+ on Google account holders sees all users registering for access to the likes of Gmail automatically enlisted in the ranks of Google+.

Google+ Users

Making the announcement during its recent profits call that saw missed financial targets result in a 10 per cent drop in share prices Google revealed that its Google+ social networking platform has 90 million registered members although actual usage figures are believed to be much lower.

Whilst the current figures are reassuring and with a massive financial push looking to increase the awareness of Google+ through live and exclusive web chats with the likes of David Beckham Google’s social service has a long way to go to reach the 800 million Facebook users.

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Via: TechRadar