Gmail redesign could be possible after screenshot revealed at Google I/O

The screenshot was spotted during an Android app session

Google could potentially be redesigning Gmail after a screenshot was spotted during an Android session held at Google I/O last week

The slide showing a redesigned Gmail application on an Android phone was spotted by Android Police during Google I/O last week.

The screenshot was revealed as part of a session at Google I/O on "Structure in Android App Development," and could point towards a redesign for the popular mail service.

A navigation drawer is featured in the photo (above), that shows a larger drawer that can be pulled in from the left of the screen to reveal your inbox, starred items, labels, and other Gmail groupings a user may have.

The new navigation drawer is different to the current pull-down menu available in the Android app.

It also appears that the bottom action bar has been removed and the buttons have been integrated into the top action bar or part of the navigation drawer.

It is important to note that these changes may just be part of a mock-up for the presentation alone. Users will have to wait until the update to see if these changes will appear in the app.

Gmail was previously given a design overhaul last year that gave the service a simpler and less cluttered look.

Watch the video below from around 23 minutes in to check out the new design.

Image & Source: Android Police