Future iPhone and iPads to feature new '5G' wireless chip

Broadcom wireless chip will allow superfast wireless connections

Whilst all attention is currently focused on the iPhone 5 analysts have been looking at the tech that we could be seeing in the iPhone 6 and iPad 4

As rumours continue to circulate about Apple’s upcoming devices, the iPhones and iPads of next year are likely to include the BCM4335, a wireless chip recently announced by Broadcom, according to reports.

Set to be released in the first quarter of 2013, the “platform-agnostic” BCM4335 can be added to any smartphone or tablet. The 40 namometre chip incorporates 5G Wi-Fi, dramatically boosting speed, range and power efficiency, and can connect to the superfast 802.11ac networks.

According to a press release, it “furthers Broadcom’s wireless connectivity leadership and establishes it as the first chip vendor to sample solutions based on the 802.11ac standard for every major Wi-Fi product segment.”

9to5Mac reports that all iOS devices feature Broadcom chips exclusively, although those in Macs are from a different “family”. The BCM4330 is used in the latest iPhone and iPad, with the BCM4335 described as the Apple news source as “just a minor step up” from that.

It is not fully clear what potential owners of these 2013 devices can expect, and whether the differences in chip will be evident. However, Broadcom’s announcement of the BCM4335, a “major evolutionary step,” mentions an improved wireless range at home, with speeds three times faster to watch high-definition video, download web content and sync large files.

As for battery power, the company added: “Since 5G WiFi transfers the same volume of data at a much faster rate, devices enter low-power mode quickly and, as a result, are up to six times more power efficient than equivalent 802.11n solutions.”

The next iPhone, reported to be unveliled as soon as August, is said to be using a BCM4334, also more efficient than its current chip. Meanwhile, the next iPad, excluding a potential Mini version, should arrive just in time to utilise the BCM4335.

Source: 9to5Mac