FIFA 12 to land for 3DS and Sony NGP from launch

FIFA 12 to tackle leading portable games consoles

EA to go on the move with FIFA 12 for the 3DS and NGP

The 2012 edition of EA’s much applauded FIFA gaming franchise is to touch down on both the Nintendo 3DS and Sony’s upcoming NGP portable games console, one of the title’s engineers has revealed.

Spilling the beans via his official Linkedin profile EA software engineer José Galera Pérez declared in the experience section of his online CV that his current project revolves around "FIFA12 (X360, PS3, PS2, PSP, PSP2, PC, Wii, NDS, N3DS), European and Asian SKU."

Although widely expected that EA would take FIFA to the 3DS in retort to the console’s Pro Evo branded launch title, confirmation of a release for Sony’s NGP, a console that is not due to land until the late stages of the year, marks FIFA 12 out as a likely candidate to be a launch title for the PlayStation branded console.

Whilst EA is currently keeping the upcoming revamp to its market leading football simulator tightly under wraps, the globally renowed games developer confirmed earlier this year that AI and set-pieces were just two areas of the FIFA franchise it is looking to upgrade. Although not mentioned in Pérez's list of compatible consoles, it is widely expected that FIFA 12 will also land for the iPhone and iPad, expanding its portable credentials and fitting with its dual iOS release last year.

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Via: CVG