Facebook to block 'free speech' in selected countries

Junior lobbyist reveals social network's expansion strategy.

Move into Chinese market is likely to bring added censorship.

Facebook is prepared to censor content in emerging countries according to a Washington lobbyist for the company.

“Too much free speech” is a barrier to the social network’s entry into emergent markets states Adam Conner, a 25-year-old junior lobbyist for the company.

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook's founder, recently sparked speculation his website was planning to enter the Chinese market, having travelled to the country earlier this year to meet Robin Li, CEO of search site Baidu.

To date lawlords in the country have blocked nationals from using the Facebook for fear of a repeat of its use in recent Middle East uprisings.

"Maybe we will block content in some countries, but not others," Adam Conner commented to the Wall Street Journal."We are occasionally held in uncomfortable positions because now we're allowing too much, maybe, free speech in countries that haven't experienced it before."

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Via: The Wall Street Journal