Facebook iOS app gets a makeover, speed increased

Version 5 brings users a faster experience and improved photo viewing

Facebook iOS might be the most popular app around, but it’s also the most complained about

Now users’ prayers have finally been answered with an update that completely revamps the experience. Written in HTML 5, the Facebook iOS experience has, until now, sat awkwardly between an app and browser.

The new update, which the website claims is “twice as fast” as the previous version, isn’t a standard bug-fixing update – Facebook 5.0 is a considerable leap forward that turns it into a native iOS app for the first time.

Photo loading is much faster, as is checking through the latest stories from your news feed. According to Facebook, the app was rebuilt completely from scratch.

It marks another step in the company’s growing focus on the tablet and smartphone arena. Facebook’s Vice President told the New York Times “we have basically retooled and focused the company around mobile.”

The update is available right now on the app store. The Facebook Android app also got its own update today, with improved photo sharing and events features.

Via The Inquirer